Europe is a defined geographical region comprising 50 self-governing states, the smallest being Vatican City with 836 people, followed by Moldova with 30500.

The European Union, or EU, is a federal government over more than half the nation states of Europe, many of which have become EU members without the full knowledge or consent of their electorate.

The chief policy-making committee of the EU called the Commission is in effect a politburo! It has 27 Commissioners from which one is chosen as Commission President.  There is no redress or control of the activities of the Commission by the electorate of the member states. 

The Commission works in conjunction with the European Council comprising 345 councillors who are appointees, also with no redress or control by the electorate of the member states. 

The Commission and the European Council work also in conjunction with an ever-increasing number of civil servants, now exceeding 23,000 to produce a continuous avalanche of regulations and directives to control all aspects of the lives of the citizens of the member states.

The European Parliament has 754 Members elected by the member states.  Though supposedly this is the body that provides redress and control of the EU by the electorate of the member states, in practice this body is not permitted to reject any of the regulations, directives, or legislation put before it.

Decisions by the European Parliament are made on a selective majority vote, referred to a qualified majority voting.  This is a scheme that makes it appear that redress and control exists when in practice it is almost impossible ever to achieve sufficient opposition to a proposition to defeat it.

Under provisions of the various treaties signed by government representatives on our behalf, the UK Parliament at Westminster is not permitted to reject any of the regulations, directives or legislation it receives from the EU.

Presently 80% of legislation by the UK Parliament originates with the EU.  So while we remain members of the EU we have lost control of our destiny. Only by leaving the EU can we regain true democracy and reassert the power of the UK on the world stage.

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