At  Get Britain Out, we have long argued that the European Union is completely out of touch. In Brussels today (17 Sep), whilst discussing the EU’s flagship “Youth Unemployment Initiative”, the Eurocrats did nothing to change our mind.

Youth unemployment in Europe is a modern tragedy. One in five young Europeans are unemployed. But that figure also masks great regional disparities – in Spain the figure is one in two, while in Greece close to 60% of young people are jobless.

The response of the Brussels bureaucracy is to allocate a mere €6 billion to alleviating this scourge. It’s bad enough that the EU siphons off vital funds – from already struggling countries – into their bloated budget, but even more of a scandal that this money is not at least spent where it is needed most.

During the plenary session this morning, even some Europhile Members of the European Parliament broke rank. As one of them pointed out, the funding to tackle this chronic problem amounts to merely €220 per jobless youth.

A pitiful amount – made worse when compared to the fact that Brussels recently spent €250 each on iPad Minis for 106 MEPs, as reported by Get Britain Out. Clearly, to the European aristocracy, a free gadget for an MEP is worth more than a job for a young person.

Even the International Labour Organization has warned the EU’s efforts to tackle youth unemployment are excruciatingly underfunded, with a report placing the  true cost at €21 billion a year. The burden of this shortfall will undoubtedly fall on near bankrupt Member States.

But it was the Eurocrat’s behaviour that should draw the greatest condemnation. Some MEPs spent their time in the chamber flirting, using official “blue card” questions to organize coffee dates. Others demanded higher minimum wages and even more migration as solutions to the problem.

Martin Schulz, European Parliament President, spent his speech praising the Euro – the cause of such apocalyptic rates of youth unemployment – as an “economic miracle”. Afterwards, the Parliament – in haste to formulate an effective response to this crisis – put their agenda on hold… in order to take a group photo.

The Brussels’ Parliament chamber is full of hot air at the best of time, but with behavior like that, it is increasingly clear that the Europe Union either hasn’t got a clue how to tackle youth unemployment, or simply doesn’t care.
Either way, the Great British Public is sick and tired of funding this circus.

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