A fact in everyday life is that most people are too busy to get involved in politics. All they have time for is a quick look at the News before getting on with whatever they want to do.

Debates about leaving the EU are doomed to failure because people aren’t interested as of yet, and as we all know the MSM are busy not giving them all the information.

I’m sure we’ve all heard many times how this is all too complicated, and anyway, “what does Brussels have to do with me?”. The straight cucumbers and bananas, the prohibition on incandescent light bulbs, the wind farms, fisheries: it’s all done and dusted and people are just shrugging their shoulders. Most people don’t even know how far Brussels is determining the policies of their local councils.

So for the huge majority, the reasons for leaving the EU are too complicated, too hard except for policy nerds, or just something us xenophobic Little Englanders like wittering on about. After all, cheap roaming when on a stag or hen night in the EU is far more important!

However, there’s one aspect which affects all of us, political nerds or mums on the school run, an aspect of everyday life which will get worse one we’ve been forced into TTIP thanks of staying in the EU. That aspect is ‘customer service’ for all and everything we use in our daily lives, for things we rely on.

I’m using what happened and still happens to me as an illustration – not because I’m so very important, but because I’ve discovered that even in my little neighbourhood so many have had similar problems, and so many have been treated as if they were the only idiot in the street, just as I have.

Without going into too many details – one of  my problems which kept me offline had to do with wifi connectivity – it was impossible for me to get an acceptable solution. Customer services for that particular monopolist can be better described as customer ‘disservice’. I was in the end forced to ask the ‘Big Gun’, my local MP, to help.

Talking to my neighbours, friends and relatives, I discovered that such ‘disservice’ is the norm, from smartphones to cars to clothes to toys. I further discovered that too many people have accepted this as the natural order of things. After all, we’ve got so used to cheap imports that even things which formerly were luxury items are now simply replaced rather than repaired.

Even in the now vital communications ‘industry’ (telephony, broadband), we accept customer services telling us that we’re stupid and better get a replacement, a higher spec item, than bother them. It’s all our fault anyway, and everything would’ve been just fine if we hadn’t used that which we’ve bought and paid for.

At the moment, without  TTIP, we can still ask our MPs to intervene for us, and they do at least help us to get some results. What they already cannot do is demand a generally better service from those industry giants.

How much worse will this become when their hands are tied thanks to us staying in the EU and having to knuckle under Brussels/TTIP “Rulz”?

Just ask around, talk to the neighbours across your garden fence, to the mates in the pubs, the mums on the school run – I’m certain they all have their stories to tell.

Just ask them, and ask yourselves how bad this will become, when big companies can in future ride roughshod over all of us, when our MPs have their hands tied even more firmly behind their backs: if it’s unacceptable now, how bad will it become if we stay in?

Make no mistake: that is what staying in the EU will mean – everyday issues won’t be solved here in the UK, even if in some cases one is forced to ask for the ‘Big Guns’, the MPs, to help. It’s Brussels which rules those issues, and Big Industry makes the rules in Brussels, not our MPs.

There won’t be help anymore, from no-one.

If we don’t leave, we’ll more and more be treated as the only idiots in the street when we complain about serious issues with services and/or products. Since nobody wants to be an idiot, we keep quiet and never learn how many others are affected. That’s how and why TPTB win.

Stay in the EU, get TTIP, and this will only get worse.

Working towards a majority for BREXIT means we must address such everyday issues before we even talk about global trade and all that jazz.

Remember: all politics are local, so let’s use our everyday experiences to inform and illustrate the reasons why we must leave the EU.

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