Ed Hoskins writes:

I am an ex-pat in France. In spite of the mess it’s likely to cause me directly, I am 100% for Brexit. The EU has far exceeded the mandate I and many others throughout the UK and Europe gave it from 1975 onwards.

The crazy thing is that the “Common Market” that was sold to the unwitting people of Europe in 1975 was all that was needed to maintain peace in Europe. The European peoples were duped because the real unifying intent of the EU ‘Project’ was never disclosed.

It is the EU’s overweening and vain political ambition of “ever closer union” that has destroyed the laudable aim of a real “Common Market”. The EU is bound to collapse under the weight of its undemocratic anachronisms within 20 years or less.

Some of the EU‘s major failures include:

  • its currency experiment, the Euro. It has failed because of the inconsistent quality of the economies that have been co-opted into it, leading to severe youth unemployment and economic disaster in its Southern Nations;
  • its uncontrolled borders, internal and external, are unable to exert control over malign influences;
  • overregulation in all sectors of the economy with major burdens on business whether they have any trade with the EU or not;
  • an overarching and unaccountable legal system undermining established National legislatures;
  • it’s fatuous energy policies, which are destroying the economies of its participant Nations;
  • appallingly naïve and dangerous foreign policy decisions such as those with the Ukraine;
  • etc.

There is now huge democratic dissatisfaction within the EU nations, and it is escalating. Referenda in France, the Netherlands and Ireland have been simply ignored. The Dutch and the Finnish people have just defied Brussels. 25% of the French voted for Marine le Pen in the first round of their recent elections this year. The list of the disaffected goes on.

It seems that whenever the people are given a chance to oppose Brussels they take it. I trust it will be the same in the UK in June. As even Gorbachev himself has said, “the EU has gotten just as undemocratic as the old USSR”.

You can defy democracy and keep the cork in the bottle for only so long. In the end  the people will revolt. The fact that there is a referendum in the UK, the second largest economy in the EU, means that the questions are being asked ever louder right across the EU.

Whatever the outcome – just asking the question in the UK casts real doubt on the ‘European Project’. If the EU continues for the longer term, its demise could even turn violent.

If they achieve BREXIT the Brits will do all the people of Europe a huge favour. This will put down a marker that will accelerate the demise of the EU and show the way.

BREXIT could advance the collapse of the house of cards that is the EU, so it might only take 5 years instead of 20. Cutting the loss quickly will be much less painful.

As the Chinese sage Confucian’s curse says, “May you live in interesting times”.

Keep up the good work!

[Ed: posted and slightly adapted with the permission of the blog owner Rog Tattersall, where this article was published earlier.]

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