UKIP as a party states that it will remove illegal immigrants back to their country of origin. This though creates a problem, particularly if the illegal immigrant in question has destroyed their passport, which many of them do.  If they destroy their passport, even if the immigrants arrive on a scheduled flight, it may be that we still cannot trace their country of origin. OK, everyone getting on a flight is supposed to give their passport details to the airline but it is obvious that many airlines don’t carry out checks as thoroughly as do those in America and the UK. Take the case of the tragic Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 that had Iranian Nationals travelling on fake passports.

So, in theory, arriving in the UK we should know the nationality of each individual from each flight but one only has to see the queues at passport control at Heathrow to know it must be quite an exercise to determine the nationality or ID of an individual arriving there and from which flight, especially if they were to wait for a busy period.

As for those arriving in the back of a lorry or other illegal means, without documentation, it is an even greater problem because we have not even a chance of a back-trace. What then happens?

Should we lock them up indefinitely – I doubt if it would be long before some human rights lawyer successfully managed to get such a prisoner out of a detention centre.  With the current estimate of two million illegal immigrants in Britain, we are in no position to detain any sizeable population.

Even if we mange to identify the country of origin of the illegal, without documentation, would the country where we believe they have originated from, accept them?  Slightly different, but remember a few years ago the Chinese migrants who died in a lorry? China refused to accept the bodies for repatriation. So, the onus would be on the UK and there are I am sure many countries who would not accept their own supposed nationals without documentation and of course would we repatriate people who claim they would be killed or imprisoned if they returned?

It creates a problem and one that I have considered for some time.

My solution may sound radical but I cannot think of any better way of dealing with the problem – perhaps others can.

My view is that we need to find a poor country in each continent whose government  will accept people for money  i.e. somewhere where we can send our illegals and we pay that country to take them – a far better way of giving overseas aid  to such poor countries. If we were to offer a £1000 per migrant it would cost us one million to remove 1000 illegals. We would of course have to pay for the flight but these costs together have to be a lot cheaper than the cost of detention. It would also help in tax generation by taking these illegals out of the “black economy” to be replaced by British workers paying their fair share of tax.

It may sound a radical idea but if you consider the £12 billion or so we give in foreign aid every year (one sixth we give to the EU to give away for us) and allowing for £2500 per illegal, we could easily deport best part of 800,000 per year for this cost.

There will of course be illegals who will shout and scream that they don’t come from the country they will be deported to.  Well, let them shout! The predicament will be of their own making – if they had not destroyed their documentation in the first place, then we would be quite able to deport them back to their own country. The publicity would of course mean that any future illegals will jealously guard their documentation in order that when they are caught, they will at least be deported back to their country of origin.

It would take a lot to get to this point, leaving the European Union and dismantling the Human Rights Act but long term will mean that we can get a sensible immigration policy that works.

Others may have different views and I would be interested to know how other people would solve the problem of the repatriation of illegal immigrants.

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