This letter was sent by Helen Hims, UKIP SW Regional Communications Officer, regarding the Exeter demo against ‘Devon for Europe’ anti-Brexit march on Saturday 24th March 2018:


Dear Branch Chairman / Secretary,

We had a fantastic turnout in Exeter on Saturday with over 100 Brexit activists and 600 Brexit bags gladly received by passers by who also took more than 1200 ‘Out Now’ leaflets!

Speakers of the day were:  Alison Sheridan, UKIP Exeter Chairman, Sebastian Cheek, YI and Richard Ford, Interim SW Regional Chairman.

Below are links to footage recorded by Brian Cooke & also the BBC Spotlight coverage.

Thank you very much to all who attended and made the event such as success.  Also a huge thank you to Alison Sheridan for organising everything and leading the singing & dancing!


Helen Hims, UKIP SW Regional Communications Officer


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