The online edition of the German news magazine SPIEGELOnline yesterday published a preview of an article from Monday’s print edition.

According to the SPIEGEL, both the German Foreign Ministry and the Office of Madame Merkel are for the first time acknowledging that the UK may indeed leave the EU.

They see a Red Line drawn by Cameron’s proposal to limit EU immigration.

Madame Merkel allegedly said that she would not do anything more to keep the UK in the EU, should Cameron introduce such quotas.

Using your machine translator of choice, you can read the brief preview here:

Meanwhile, this has vanished from the  front pages of our own online MSM, because the legacy hacks do not know what to make of it. After all, Madame Merkel and her government insist the extraordinary ‘fine’ of 1.7 billion £ must be paid by us regardless.

So is this a veiled threat by the Germans, implying that the ‘fine’ might perhaps be negotiable? Is it a hint to the current government and Cameron that there are perhaps items which can be re-negotiated after a fashion, in order to keep the UK in the EU, if Madame Merkel deems such items worthwhile to tinker with, for the ‘greater good’?

It’s deliciously difficult to spin for our establishment spin doctors, isn’t it! After all, breaking the provisions of the Maastricht Treaty is only about money – but ‘free movement’ is a pillar, a founding principle of the EU.

What all those ‘free movement’ advocates always omit to say is that it is about free movement of workers. Free movement of social migrants, of dependents who have to be supported by a foreign government was not envisaged.

It makes sense for the EUrocrats to play this down because otherwise citizens might ask how come that all the support and financial help given by Brussels to EU member states whose people migrate to our shores hasn’t been used to make living conditions better in those countries?

Especially we in the UK might ask how come that our money, being a net contributor, is not sufficient but we must also pay to feed, house, clothe, school and treat all those who by now ought to have these facilities available in their own countries, thanks to our contributions?

No – don’t expect answers from the MSM and the rest of the EU apologetics.

Rather, enjoy the new game of ‘red lines’ started by Madame Merkel!

The SPIEGELOnline readers’ comments by the way show for the first time some grudging acknowledgement that the situation in regard to immigration has been getting out of hand, in Germany as well as in the UK. Still, many Germans would happily see us leave. They still haven’t forgiven us that Mrs Thatcher got a rebate – a rebate given up by Tony Blair, but that fact is also one conveniently forgotten.

What neither Madame Merkel nor the German MSM nor indeed the German readers understand, never mind acknowledge, is that Cameron is trying to out-UKIP UKIP.

Still – it is a beginning ….

Photo by Kancelaria Premiera

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