I’m going to be offline for a few days but before I go, I’d like to tell you a story about an old friend of mine. When I was growing up there was a much younger boy that lived down the road, my family and I knew his family very well. This boy did extremely well at school, worked very hard to achieve straight A grade, A level passes, he went to a top university and again got a first.

When my old friend entered the job-market, he was snapped up for a high-flying position, He was far from being a nerd, he was a natural businessman and he became extremely successful. People in my home town would talk of my friend, holding him up as a shining example, he had the money, the nice house, the fancy cars, but he was also a very personable, likable person too.

One day he was offered his dream job, that he eagerly accepted before resigning from his current position. Unfortunately, the new job fell through, I don’t know why. He’d already resigned from his present employer and they wouldn’t have him back, he was made unemployed.

Unemployment didn’t worry my friend at first, he was sure something would turn up soon and he decided to relax a little and do some of the things he’d always wanted to do. Weeks of job searching turned into months and soon he had a significant gap in his CV. This bright and talented young man became unemployable in a very short space of time. He tried to apply for lesser positions, only to be told he was overqualified.

After two or three years of unemployment, his savings had gone, his partner had left him, he’d maxed out his credit cards and he had very little self-respect. In the end, this person, not a close friend, but someone I’d known all my life, committed suicide. This person had gone from being a hard working successful academic and businessman to desperation and despair. His life was over at around thirty-five years old.

I know some people would criticise my friend for choosing to end his own life, but I left the UK for similar reasons and I know just how soul destroying his situation can be. I can still see his smiling face now and after all these years, I still can’t believe what happened.

The above story is an example of the stark reality we face in our own country, the callous destruction of the middle classes and the living standards of the working classes rapidly heading to Third World levels. We’ve been told that we have skills shortages – a pack of lies to justify the admittance of millions of Third World immigrants. As our country used to be one of the most educated in the world, this was never true.

Our health service is being overwhelmed. If a vet treated animals as badly, there would be an outcry. Our industry has been offshored and wages driven down in what industry remains, while the cost of living has gone through the roof.

We’ve admitted millions of hostile Muslims who,while they’re waiting for the time to be right to turn against us, are costing us a fortune that we have to borrow. We, as a country will never be able to pay these debts. In short, the majority of indigenous Brits in our country can only look forward to a future of financial hardship, poverty and violence. I’m not imagining this, we’re seeing this all around us now, it is only going to get much worse.

The above nightmare scenario has been brought to you by a succession of globalist governments, whether Liberal, Labour or Conservative. The only difference between them is the way they market themselves: they’re all singing from the same hymn sheet. Our governments have lied and cheated while selling us out to their globalist masters. It is noticeable that the celebrities and politicians who are the strongest advocates of globalisation always live in the nicest areas, very far removed from the chaos and misery that they’ve helped to create. These people, it seems, are well rewarded for their treachery, but the benefits of globalisation are for the very few.

I’m writing this, because in a few weeks, we’ll have another General Election and I feel we’ve been outmanoeuvred again. Recent polls suggest that the Labour party will be wiped out and the Conservatives could be looking at a majority of 150. This is frightening. I dread to think what our country will look like after five or even ten more years of an overpowering, globalist, Conservative government.

Surely UKIP can get its act together enough to take some of those Labour seats? We need to make sure the Conservatives deliver on Brexit, but we also, desperately need representation for us indigenous Brits. UKIP in spite of its recent difficulties is still the only chance that the British people have of a credible, representative opposition to a treacherous government that is not to be trusted and is not fit for purpose.


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