Nobody should be terribly surprised at Theresa May’s capitulation to Brussels. As I have been saying since she was ‘elected’ leader, it was a disastrous mistake for the Tories to choose a Remainer.

May is a centrist machine politician with no meaningful political philosophy. As she demonstrated when she was Home Secretary she was quite willing to stand by and do nothing whilst an innocent man (me!) was sent to prison. Put another way, she does not share the core values of our society, one of which is justice.

I respectfully agree with Vivian Evans – Mrs May’s a housetrained idiot, no offence intended. She never engaged in the intellectual battle over EU membership and has not mastered the arguments since becoming PM. Not being the sharpest knife in the box she would have difficulty grasping them in any event.

She cannot grasp that you do not need to pay for access to a market with which you have a massive trade deficit. She does understand that the EU’s share of world GDP and population is falling – the EU now has a smaller GDP than the Commonwealth. Economically illiterate, she is simply unaware that NAFTA is a far larger and more important market than the EU.

More than that, she was clearly spooked by the failed attempt to assassinate her at the Palace of Westminster in March. Of course I understand that assassination attempts can be irritating – been there, done that. The last thing you do however is cave in to the country whose intelligence service has just tried to have you murdered. It only encourages them.

The Germans have been murdering or trying to murder leaders in order to get their way since the 19th century. Russia is still recovering from the assassination of Tsar Alexander II. German involvement in that is so sensitive it has to be kept from the Russian people even now, just as we are concealing the Abwehr’s involvement in the failed assassination attempts on Winston Churchill.

The government are concealing the truth over the failed Parsons Green terrorist attack, which was co-ordinated by German intelligence and was obviously linked to the Florence speech. EU negotiators even put back the next round, correctly anticipating that May would cave in to German pressure.  

Allowing an 18 year old asylum-seeker (always assuming that the rozzers have got the right man, which is never guaranteed) to determine government policy with a bomb in a bucket is reducing Downing St to an international laughing stock. Every chancery in Europe must know what Parsons Green was all about, but they’re too frightened of the Germans to talk. The Germans used to be good making people talk – now they’re good at making them stay silent.

The trial will be the usual farce – it will be interesting to see who will be more nervous about the jury finding out the truth, the defence, the prosecution or the judge. One group of people who will not be finding out the truth about Parsons Green is the Intelligence and Security Committee.

Carefully chosen for their intelligence illiteracy, no offence intended, they haven’t a hope of getting anywhere near the truth. To link the Parsons Green attack to Brexit requires brains. You have to connect dots, something MPs are incapable of. What’s worse, they won’t take advice from people who are!

The Intelligence Committee only takes account of intelligence from official sources. Since all our official agencies report to the Cabinet Office they will be waiting a long time for the truth.

Whilst the Cabinet Office are right to despise MPs for their low intellects, with respect, they are wrong to treat them with contempt. We live in a democracy. It is not right that our elected representatives, however dumb they might be, are kept in the dark.

The good news about Florence is that BoJo and May clearly cut a deal. If she went with the Norway option she’d be out, but the Norway option is what the EU want. They are desperate to keep dumping their goods and labour on us.

Although Theresa May has run up the white flag of surrender, she hasn’t run it up the flagpole far enough to appease the EU. It’s as if Chamberlain had only offered our community partner Adolf Hitler half of the Sudetenland.

The talks are therefore doomed to fail. May still wants permanent tariff-free access to the so-called single market (why?) and the EU won’t agree. The EU will also want ECJ judgements to be binding in respect of EU Citizens, permanently, i.e. will want to ram European laws down our throats after Brexit.

All May is offering is what’s in the Withdrawal Bill, i.e. ECJ judgements will be persuasive authority only, in the same category as the US Supreme Court. Anything else and she’d be out in weeks.

Happily she’s likely to be out within months. The Tory Right may be intelligence-illiterate, but they’re not going to put up with this nonsense for much longer. It’s sad, but May’s nerves are clearly shot. She’s like a horse who pulls up at the first fence. I am not saying that she should be turned into glue, or sold to Macdonalds for hamburgers, but it’s time for the old nag to be put out to grass, again no offence intended.  

The Cabinet Secretary, another old nag, also opposed to Brexit, will go with her. Brexit has no credibility for so long as Sir Jeremy Heywood continues to run the government.

Hammond will be the third member of the Remoaner triumvirate who will have to go. He’s in big trouble any event, as he was minister when his officials, acting on Cabinet Office orders, destroyed no fewer than three vital pieces of evidence in my case. Hammond was not consulted – he didn’t run the Ministry of Defence after all, he was just the Secretary of State. However under the Crichel Down Doctrine he is politically responsible for crimes committed by his officials.   

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