I came across the following article today, which made for some interesting reading:

Actors offered money by UK casting agency to take part in ‘anti-Qatar event’ outside Downing Street

A UK casting agency has been offering actors money to take part in an “anti-Qatar event” outside Downing Street during a meeting between Theresa May and the ruler of the Arab country. 

The Independent has seen an email sent to extras offering £20 per person to take part in the supposed protest from 11am until 12.30pm on Tuesday, just  before Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani is due to arrive at No 10.

This is NOT a film or TV production,” casting agency Extra People said in the email to their actors. “The company are looking for a large group of people to fill space outside Downing Street during the visit of the president of Quatar (sic). This is an ANTI-Qatar event – You will not have to do or say anything, they just want to fill space. You will be finished at 12:30.”

Extra People told The Independent it was “contacted by an individual” to “source people” for the event, but refused to reveal the identity of the client.

This first part of the article is enough to make anyone’s eyebrows twitch, with the thought forming in the open-mind about how wide-spread this could be. But the twist to the story is thus revealed:

A spokesperson said the agency decided to cancel the project having begun “to understand what the hirer was asking of our artistes and the event involved” after “receiving further information”. 

We quickly made the decision to withdraw our involvement and wish to have no association with the event,” he added.

The Independent article then swiftly concludes with some distracting information about Qatar, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc, without really pursuing the ‘big questions’ behind this story.

What sort of ‘big questions’?

The first one is one I suggested already: “How wide-spread is this?” Exactly how many so-called protests have occurred previously which have been filled out with paid-up actors/volunteers?

Based on the evidence from just a few videos I have been before, where so-called protestors/demonstrators have been asked simple questions, yet can’t/won’t answer them, it doesn’t look good.

Here are two examples of what I mean:
Tommy Robinson asks anti-Brexit marchers “easy” questions.

Antifa students protesting Tommy Robinson don’t know who he is. UKAgainstHate march.

The other interesting question, which I guess will never be answered, is who exactly was this ‘client’ that approached this agency?

And what exactly was this ‘further information’ that the agency received, that persuaded them to cancel?

First of all, we must consider the biggest question, which is “who benefits?”

Protests against Brexit, against Trump etc, we can almost instantly jump to the conclusion that “the Left must be behind it”.

So as pointed out in this article on KipperCentral, the Qatari Emir is not your typical target of the Left. So your first assumption is that “the Left can’t be behind this”.

Is it someone from the Right? (or “Far Right” as our MSM would have you believe.) You could somewhat appreciate their motives, why not have some big protest against the Emir’s visit to Britain?

But why wouldn’t people just turn up and protest anyway? Without having to be paid to do so?

The other shocking alternative, would be the prospect of a protest against the Qatari Emir being staged by the Left, with innocent people ‘paid’ to protest, which the “valiant anti-fascist counter-protestors” could then beat to a pulp, under the watchful eye of our biased media, ‘paid-up protestors’ painted as “far-right” thugs. Which would go down well with the followers of Hope Not Hate and their ilk.

But then again, would someone from ‘our side’, on the Right, not be capable of heinous manipulations? Paying actors to make protests look more powerful than they would be normally? Or to even invite ‘counter-protestors’ (possibly also paid?) to cause a confrontation, and thus garner numerous comments of anger from readers of the likes of Breitbart etc?

Propaganda is a very powerful tool and we must be very wary of how it is used to manipulate people, on both sides of the fence.

If you want to determine the outcome of anything, you must control both sides. The saying goes that you can’t rig a football match unless you have both teams in your pocket.

Hopefully I’ve been reading more into this story than I should do. But I just warn us to be wary, in case we are also being played for fools by some unknown false hero. Of course, the Independent could just have its own agenda also!


Gawain Towler’s excellent piece for Breitbart London revealed that “the posters, adverts, and protesters had been bought and paid for by people linked to Qatari opposition leader Khalid Al-Hail, who from a suite in a luxury London hotel had wanted a show”.

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