A week is indeed a very long time in politics. Sometimes a day is even longer, especially in British politics.

In this past week we’ve watched the Tory Party starting to unravel, with the political destruction of Theresa May now a distinct possibility. That whole performance was very lucky for UKIP because the MSM were fixated on the Tory conference.

Internal squabbles between Kippers, non-Kippers and Kippers-on-the-way-out, heated as they were here and on social media, were irrelevant as far as the MSM were concerned: business as usual inside UKIP, yawn.

We also watched how the supporters of AMW were becoming even more vocal online than during the campaign. First it was about stitch-ups and how this result must have been ‘manufactured’ by Head Office. After all, nobody they knew had voted for Bolton – thus paraphrasing a famous New York ‘progressive’ film critic who wailed that nobody she knew voted for Nixon so how come he was now President …

That was followed by a continuous stream of slurs on the new leader. Strange that in the three months of campaigning nobody attending the hustings thought to raise or ask such questions. Now, as new leader, they simply find him unacceptable and that’s that.

So let me draw my first conclusion: this outcry isn’t really about having been prevented by ‘home county’ members from fighting islam. After all, it seems to have escaped their attention that many other Kippers who hadn’t voted for HB had also not voted for AMW.  No, it’s simply about not having got AMW as leader of UKIP.

Next let’s look at the ‘new parties’. From AMW’s twitter account, we learned that she will now have her own party, ready for people to join next week. It seems that getting the proper papers together to satisfy the Electoral Commission takes a certain amount of time.

So what then should we make of JRE, whose chosen outfit handed their registration to the Electoral Commision on Friday 29th September, allegedly an hour after the results had been announced? What of JRE quitting UKIP on the 30th? If, as the example of AMW shows, taking such decision needs time for some reflection, getting the paperwork sorted also taking time, then I think I’m not far out to conclude that this was not a spur-of-the-moment decision for JRE, but that he’d planned this carefully.

That means that he attended hustings while he was already planning to leave, and that he let members vote for him in good faith – while knowing full well he would not represent them in UKIP under a new leader who had already said he’d work with him. I better not tell you what I think of someone who behaves in this way!

I do wonder a bit though why AMW supporters who are so vocal denouncing members who voted for HB, who are so vituperative of the new leader, are so strangely quiet about JRE’s action. After all – had he announced his decision to leave and go his own way before the deadline for the ballots, might not a majority of his voters have voted for AMW? Did not his underhand behaviour deprive AMW of vital votes, votes which might have given her the victory? Is that not worthy of an outcry?

But perhaps it’s not so puzzling when one sees this tweet by Anish Patel, a former member of the NEC:


Perhaps I give Mr Patel too much credit when I think his tweet is letting at least one cat out of the bag, but it does tend to chime in with the suspicions raised by Jack Russell in his article yesterday (see here), namely that it’s fundamentally about the destruction of UKIP.

The ancient Romans had a saying for this: ‘Divide et impera’ – divide to rule. We’ve had article after article here on UKIP Daily describing the machinations of the Globalists, the slow, creeping destruction of the nation state, of our state and nation, by Brussels and the EU. We’ve had articles describing how the EUrophiles in the establishment and the MSM work.

The latest news is that EU Brexit negotiators are now it talks with Herr Corbyn (Lab) and Monsieur Starmer (Lab). Clever, because if Ms May falls and with her the Tory government, then a snap GE will bring in Labour. Not that the EU is interfering in UK politics – perish the thought!

We surely have learned by now that the EU condones the use of force to keep citizens in line. Catalonia was only a week ago – such a long time in politics!

We’ve seen the way the EU Parliament voted to support, not condemn, the role of Madrid in the suppression of that referendum. We know how Hungary and Poland are feeling the full force of intransigent Brussels, set on interfering in national affairs in those two countries.

But we in UKIP seem to prefer to throw our past achievements under the bus – why?

UKIP is the Party of Brexit – but we don’t have Brexit. We’ve weakened ourselves in this vital fight for Brexit because some in UKIP prefer to put person before party before country rather than fight for OUT NOW.

Yes – I’m saying it this starkly, because one point in this ‘debate’ has been conspicuously missing: there were many Kippers ‘telling the truth’ about islam before AMW. Two actually stood in this leadership contest: Jane Collins MEP and Peter Whittle AM. And I do hope that I don’t really have to mention Gerard Batten MEP, whose twitter account was suspended for calling islam evil!

These might have become allies of AMW in her fight against islam, had she remained. She chose not to, and that leads me to close with my earlier point: it wasn’t really about fighting islam but about having AMW as leader at all cost, the result of which would have been the destruction of UKIP.

It’s simple: the UK Establishment, with the help of the Brussels Establishment,  needs to destroy UKIP so that Brexit can be made to go away, so that our vote last year can finally be squashed by a new Labour government.

If anyone thinks we can successfully fight against islam in our country while we remain in the EU, then I suggest you watch the videos from Barcelona. That was only a week ago …

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