I’m writing about false Prophets not in the biblical or religious sense, but rather about those that peddle false ideas and outright lies and deception: world politics is full of them.

My wife is Brazilian and so my second home is in Brazil. While I was living there, President Lula da Silva was in power (Long John Silver, I call him).

Brazil at the time was being lauded as one of the now infamous BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries and things appeared to be going well. This also boosted Lula at the time. President Lula (as he’s known) makes a very interesting case study.

Lula da Silva hobnobbed on the world stage, along with famous globalist politicians like Barack Obama and his ilk. Lula’s support came from the incredibly poor in Brazil, one of the most polarised countries in the world.

Lula became a hero among the poor, but in reality he was just throwing them breadcrumbs. After two terms in office, Lula’s protege, Dilma Rousseff, was elected, but with an understanding with Lula that it would be for just one term until he became eligible for re-election. Dilma however, carried on for a second term and this caused tensions.

In the recent Brazilian presidential campaign, Lula was again the leader of the race, however, he resides in jail, convicted of accepting massive bribes from big business.

Corruption in the Brazilian government is rife and I suspect that the only reason Lula was prosecuted was as a ploy by the opposition to prevent his inevitable re-election.

Lula is currently still fighting his election campaign from a prison cell, while Brazil’s best lawyers try to spring him. Once the Presidential candidates have been confirmed though, Lula will be prevented from becoming president if he’s still in jail (very discerning of them). I have to say though, that only in Brazil would a man be able to conduct a presidential campaign from prison.

Nevertheless, Lula was a leader preaching altruism and compassion, while throwing breadcrumbs to the poor and making himself very wealthy while doing so. Yet Lula’s brainwashed supporters continue to passionately cheer him on.

We’re seeing the same thing in the United States. The rabid Lefties are continuing to try to undermine a democratically elected president, the facade of democracy is beginning to crack. Hillary Clinton isn’t in prison yet, but as we can see as her crimes come to light, she certainly should be.

Here in the United Kingdom, we don’t yet have a Donald Trump to fight the globalists, their lies and deceit. How often have we watched a Chancellor’s budget, where he claims to be a caring Chancellor, while throwing, perhaps to pensioners, bread crumbs: maybe five pounds annually towards their heating bill: we should be waking up to this disingenious technique by now.

Of course, Stalin was a master of this technique, anther champion of the working man: how many people did he kill?

Now we have the European Union, whose leaders, I have to say, always remind me of escapees from the Rocky Horror Show. These Eurocrats espouse altruism and socialist doctrines, but as we’ve seen, they nearly broke Greece and its people who were suffering in hospital without anaesthetics, while they met at the world’s best hotels, enjoying the finest food and wine to discuss this little problem. These Eurocrats are as bad as Stalin.

I hate to criticise other people’s religions, but now (probably it’s always been the case) the Roman Catholic Church has jumped onto the globalist bandwagon. It seems to have become a champion of Islam and the Pope has been preaching the same globalist claptrap from his palace called the Vatican.

As Margaret Thatcher once said: ‘the trouble with Socialists is that they always run out of other people’s money.’ Nothing about the European Union works in sound economic terms. This will end in disaster as Socialist regimes always do, and it will be massively compounded by the mass migration of fighting-age Jihadis allowed into our countries by these globalist acolytes.

Which brings me to our own politicians. We only have to look as far back as the expenses scandal to see the kind of people they are. They preach to us and treat us like fools while they line their pockets and, of course, in reality they just can’t stand the thought of leaving the European gravy train.

People are indeed waking up to the threat of these false prophets, but it needs to happen more quickly because as we wise up to their globalist scam, they will resort to ever more Totalitarian methods as has always been the case with such regimes. This is confirmed by the following article:

“UK proposes six-year prison sentence for criticizing Islam”

These Socialist or Communist regimes have never in their history ever lifted anybody out of poverty, they always just drag everybody down to the same level while enriching the unscrupulous, mendacious and just plain evil perpetrators of such regimes. Indeed if they were to lift their people out of poverty, they would undermine their support base, they can’t afford to do this – and not just for financial reasons.

Socialism and Communism are the most evil regimes ever devised  in history, these represent raw power, it’s like being pushed with an iron fist dressed in a velvet glove. If we don’t win the coming battle, our future is very bleak indeed.

The current political leader (sic) of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, is just such a false prophet. She insists that the UK will leave the European Union, that she will honour the democratic wish of 17.4 million people, yet by her actions we can see that she just can’t bring herself to do so.

Lula da Silva is a corrupt false prophet of a politician that is now in prison where he belongs. There are many others globally that deserve this and hopefully will join him, including Theresa May.

We have a democratic right to political representation, these politicians are meant to be our servants, not vice versa.

Our country will remain in steady and terminal decline until we can establish a true democracy, until we stop listening to false prophets.


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