I’m very fond of Brazil, a very vibrant country and I regard it as a second home, but as we all know, it does have its darker side. Brazil actually makes for a very interesting case study.

Since Brazil was colonised by the Portuguese, around five hundred years ago, it has developed with two still distinct cultures.

To walk around Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, you can’t help but notice some of the older buildings built in a very Portuguese syle, the European style resaurants and bakeries, the civilised culture of Brazil.

Among the expensive apartments and fancy cars, electric fences, barbed wire and security, the streets are lined with the homeless and hordes of prostitutes. Many of the homeless have virually no education or human dignity, they sleep in shop doorways at night in utter squalor, the prostitutes have no other way to make a living.

Brazil is a massive country, there are still tribes living in the jungles and forests that have little contact with the outside world, it is one of the most polarised countries on earth.

Many people that visited Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics thought that it was a lovely city and it is, but this temporary peace was bought at a high price. A few days after winning the 2016 Olymics, one of the drug gangs in Rio shot down a police helicopter and killed the occupants with a bazooka while it hovered over a Favela (slum).

The Brazilian government, realising they had to clean up Rio in order to host the Olympics, had the Military Police wage war in the favelas. At times, some of these gun battles were epic. The true cost in human lives of hosting the 2016 Olympics is a story that may never be told. I have to say though that this kind of thing is nothing new in Rio.

In 2012/13, the Brazilian police cracked down on the drug gangs in Brazil. The biggest of these, known and translated as: ‘The First Command,’ retaliated and in a year murdered around one hundred and fifty policemen in Sao Paulo alone. These policemen would be followed home as they came off duty and were gunned down on their own doorsteps or in front of their families.

Poverty in Brazil is an enormous problem. Many of the homeless on the streets arrive from the more remote parts of Brazil to try and earn a living, but they are simply not equiped to deal with the modern world.

Since its colonisation in the fifteen hundreds, Brazil is still not an integrated country. This exposes as a lie the claim by globalists that the United Kingdom and Europe can absorb and integrate millions of unskilled, illiterate and uneducated immigrants. It just isn’t going to happen as they would have us believe.

Turning our attention to Ethiopia, since we started issuing aid to the country, its population has increased exponentially, from a little over thirty million in 1980 to over one hundred and seven million today (see here).

It would be true then to say that: ‘if we feed them they breed,’ famine still being a massive problem in Ethiopia. It seems that the virtue-signalling, celebrity propagandists that propagate the globalist agenda have simply made the situation a lot worse.

There is a saying:

“give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

I’ve always thought the above saying was particularly profound, particularly here in this context. We may throw the Third World breadcrumbs, so that the globalists can virtue-signal and take the moral high ground, but we never teach and educate them to better their own lives and exploit what in many cases are their very resource-rich home countries. That is not what globalisation is really all about: pure hypocrisy.

The population of the Third World is out of control, see my article: “Surviving the human tsunami”. Uneducated and unskilled migrants will never cease to turn up on the shores of our already overpopulated country and they mostly will not integrate.

Of course in the UK, we do feed them, don’t we – and do they ever breed!

Population projections for the UK predict that in the next twenty to thirty years or thereabouts, we native Brits will become a minority in our own country. This will place an intolerable strain on our public services at a time when the number of income taxpayers in the country are in decline.

A quote from my article, “Trade Deal Robbery:

“Also of interest is that according to national statistics, in spite of our exploding population, the number of taxpayers in Britain has been falling in recent years. The burden on individual taxpayers is rising; in reality, the EU is helping to bankrupt Britain.”

This is madness, we are being asked to commit suicide to support a completely false and hypocritical globalist agenda like the Euro. None of these, Socialist, Marxist doctrines make any numerical or economic sense.

If we in the United Kingdom can’t control our borders to prevent Third World invasion, we will have to form our own personal borders. If you can afford it, you’ll live behind electrified barbed wire and security guards as they do in Brazil. If not you’ll live in a nightmare world of poverty, prostitution, drug dealing and violent crime. For those of you left with jobs, you’ll have to work very hard to support our rapidly expanding immigrant population.

We’re already ecperiencing the early effects: rape, child grooming and violent crime – but you’ve seen nothing yet. It gets a lot worse from here if we don’t defend ourselves.

We have been lied to on a massive scale, sold out by the politicians of the LibLabCon that have at one time or another been elected to represent us. The only viable voice that we native Brits have is UKIP.

In spite of its recent troubles, if you care for your, your children and grandchildrens future you would be very well advised to support: ‘the rise of UKIP.’


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