‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ 

That’s the title of a self-help book. The idea is summed up in the title, so you don’t have to read the whole lame-assed, namby-pamby, sickly wet, victim mentality, self-pitying book.

We need a party which confronts the leftist narrative, agenda and smears head-on and destroys them. If we tiptoe around the issues for fear of being branded the nasty party, we’re not only failing to speak up and tackle the core issues facing our society today, we’re complicit in our own destruction. Anyone who stands up to the Cultural Marxist agenda will be smeared as ‘far right’. We have to deal with that.

The left has learned the tough way over the course of history that unity is strength, and we need to understand that too. We should not join the chorus of condemnation of those who have the courage to speak out and campaign and get demonised as ‘far right’. We should not come out with smug comments that those of us who have our meetings shut down through fascist intimidation tactics should have known better than to invite controversial speakers. This is akin to joining the bullying of the weak kid at school, glad that it’s not yourself on the receiving end, and it’s a stab in the back. We need to stand firm with those on our side against the thugs. We don’t always have to unequivocally endorse them, but we do need to robustly call-out intimidation and denial of free speech.

The Labour Party has traditionally had to distance itself from extremism to be electable (arguably with the exception of June this year) and the same applies to UKIP. The British electorate has always balked at voting for radicalism, as those on the hard left and right have found over the years. There are now at least five parties vying to become the leading patriotic party in Britain. It’ll be interesting to see over the next few months who comes out on top. I’m not particularly wedded to UKIP. I’ll work with whoever’s most effectively putting the right messages across. May the best party win. I suspect that, if Anne-Marie Waters cannot win over a majority of UKIP members, she’ll struggle to gain traction with the general British public.

For these reason, and may more besides, I no longer think just in terms of working through UKIP, but a wider movement. I’ve discussed in some of my previous articles how the left is like a many-headed hydra, campaigning on all fronts, and we need to emulate that. We need to be a radical vanguard spearheading the struggle – another successful idea borrowed from the left.

We need to increase the reach of some the tactics we are already using and borrow some more from our opponents: petitions; social media campaigns; consumer boycotts; writing to MPs; pressuring big companies; reporting intimidation and hate crime; informing the public and organising campaigns. We should adopt some of their perhaps nastier tactics when it comes to taking on the bully-boy campaigns such as Antifa and HNH, such as point and shriek, exposing their leaders, identifying their activists, embarrassing their funders, pressing for the resignation of public and corporate officials who support them and getting their meetings shut down.

Some of this may smack of stooping to their level. Make no mistake though, if we don’t face them off, they will shut us down to the point that we cannot do or say anything. The risk of getting sacked or prosecuted will become draconian for even the mildest criticism. A Soviet-style stranglehold on public discourse will become reality. This is a last ditch struggle to defend our vestigial rights to free speech.

We need to get on board with free speech alternatives to mainstream media, social media and video-sharing platforms and encourage others to join. We must foster and defend a safe cyberspace to get our ideas across. We must make sure bias loses corporations customers and money.

When the corporate media gets scared and smears us and our alternatives to them, they only act as our advertisers, getting word out to more people who are tired of the same old propaganda.

We also need to bear in mind that the left isn’t a homogenous blob. It’s made up of individuals, who may be receptive to some of our ideas, if only they could get past their tribal hatred of anything labelled as right wing. This is where single issue campaigns which are not openly linked to a party like UKIP come into their own. There are feminists who are appalled by Islam’s misogyny or disagree with gender identity theory, anti-capitalists who oppose the EU and banker bailouts and pacifists who oppose our cosy relationship with Saudi Arabia.

We need to win over the youth. Generation Y may be lost, but Generation Z is coming-up behind them. As Paul Joseph Watson says, “Conservatism is the new counter-culture.” Let’s make it the rebellious new cool.

I believe in the end we will need something akin to Mao Tse Tung’s Cultural Revolution to rid our society of Cultural Marxism and its self-destructive determination. We need to purge the public sector and the police of those who drive this agenda. We need to sack extremist academics and rid our education system of the indoctrination. We need to reform the media. We shouldn’t privatise the BBC. We should replace the Director General with one of our own number (I recommend Raheem Kassam for the job) and transform it into a broadcaster which promotes our narrative and a healthy culture. Popular culture needs to be cleaned-up. Those who have betrayed our people need to be held accountable and tried where appropriate.

This will be unacceptably interventionist for some but our culture desperately needs repair and for the cancer of Cultural Marxism to be rooted out. It can’t just be left to the market, because the private sector, as much as the public sector, has been hijacked and corrupted to serve a concerted agenda.

Dammit! I’ve turned into a commie.

[Ed: this is the twelfth and final essay in the series “Grasping the Nettle”. You can re-read the penultimate essay here, and essay No 10 here, where you will find the link to the preceding essays at the bottom of the page.]

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