Are you feeling more relaxed now that you have the chance to influence and vote how the country is run? Well I’ve got some bad news for you, but don’t stop reading because I’ve got some good news to follow.

Cameron has already said that he will use the Lisbon treaty to leave if the vote goes against him. Of course he will because he knows that if we use the Lisbon treaty we will stay in. The treaty is full of so many schedules, each to be voted on by qualified majority voting. Do you think they will vote to allow us to leave? Of course not and the admitted two year time taken to discuss the whys and wherefores will create so much uncertainty that those who voted to get out will change their mind just as the Irish did when their government was instructed by the EU to hold a second referendum.

Did you follow the recent Dutch referendum where the people voted by 64% to not seek trade and military agreements with the Ukraine? Angela Merkel stated that where a vote goes against what WE want to do we will find a way around it. We always do.

Right, the good news: most do not know that all the EU treaties are illegal. If your first thoughts are, “the man’s talking rubbish!”. Then immediately go here.

On this petition there is a link to a site where you can read Lord Kilmuir’s letter to Prime Minister Edward Heath. He states that signing the Treaty of Rome (the first one) would be illegal because it would be signing away our sovereignty to another state. He did add, because he himself  wanted to join the common market, that the only way around it would be political. Does that chime in with what Angela Merkel said above? Heath compounded his crime by stating several times in the House of Commons that the common market treaty was just a trading agreement and that there would be no loss of sovereignty. He admitted that he knew that was incorrect when much later he wrote his memoirs.

So here we are today with many more treaties signed which each gave away more control to another state. At this point you might think, “surely we would have known about this by now?” That would be a sensible question. The answer is that Lord Kilmuir’s letter was kept hidden for thirty years. Eventually it was prised out of the government’s files but the government cover up machine swung into action.

Cover up is a very mild world to describe how the government persuaded, bribed, blackmailed and threatened people and the media to stop them discussing the letter. Of course I cannot give you concrete evidence for that but I know that each eurosceptic pundit knows of the letter because I and others have challenged them to discuss it publicly. Even today the Sunday Express, who fervently back the out movement, dare not discuss it. Carswell and Tebbit turn from their normal upfront approach into typical parliamentary obfuscators when I corner them about the treaties being illegal.

You reading this are already probably going to sign to leave. I’m asking you to do more. Please sign the petition. Please take time out to get friends and family to sign. I know it’s a bit embarrassing raising the subject with strangers because the British people’s reserve seems to think it impolite to raise what they see as a political subject. Just point out that it is not political it is about keeping to the rule of law and anyway all politicians since 1972 have covered up the truth.

Think about it. If you are caught breaking the law you have to stop. The government has to comment on the petition if it reaches 10,000. Put yourself in the place of the person writing the comment. Could you think of a reply that would get them off the hook?

Plus once the government has commented on it the letter will now be in the public arena. This should free up the censored media to discuss the illegal treaties.

So vote in the referendum . At least you can have your say. But if you want your country back get the fact of the illegal treaties into the general public’s consciousness. Then all the laws since 1972 which gave away our sovereignty would have to revert back to the position they were in 1972. Our fishermen would surely be pleased to have their exclusive 12 mile fishing limit restored. Unjust laws like the European arrest warrant, which is against the rights given to us in Magna Carta, would revert back to a lawful state. Please wake up the sheeple. It can be hard work but once the referendum is over, and if these lies are not exposed, the government will bring in the extremism bill and people like me,  writing stuff like this, will be silenced. I truly think it will be too late and we effectively will be the slaves of the unelected EU bureaucrats.


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