After a suitable period of reflection and having sufficiently licked our metaphorical wounds, we, the hardworking, loyal foot soldiers of the Party need to come out fighting. We cannot lay down and let political commentators get away with describing us as ‘toast’. We cannot let Labour crow about their victory in Stoke, with Corbyn calling our policies ‘The policies of hate and divisiveness’.

We cannot do anything of course without a leader, so, Mr Nuttall – just exactly where the hell are you? A week on from the debacle of Stoke and we have not seen or heard you. I am a candidate in the coming  county council elections and guess what… yes I am getting ridiculed and laughed at on the doorstep…! Be a leader – give us a pathway and a renewed direction, or stand down. Let`s get the fallout done with and move on.

The default preamble to talking about UKIP by many is that we are the ‘anti-immigration party’. This is part of our new challenge. We need to dispel resolutely and with a tinge of anger this nonsense. The message that we are not anti-immigration but for controlled and managed immigration has to be clear and forcibly reinforced at every given opportunity.

Forget a piecemeal approach to dealing with the media! We never get a fair shake of the dice. We should be Trump-like in our suspicion and derision of the media, they are not our friends. Michael Crick from Channel 4 should simply be banned from any involvement with this party, he is a true UKIP-hater, we will never win with him and we will never receive a fair balanced reporting of anything we say or do. Read his tweets and you have a flavour of how much he detests anything and anyone to do with UKIP.

Where do we go, apart from immigration? David Davis has said last week that we can expect uncontrolled immigration to carry on for years to come, we have to highlight this. We have to make it known to the public that the Tories just cannot be trusted on immigration. This has to be our main fight our message and our cause.

We need more though. We have to get back to a manifesto which we can stand behind and be proud of.

In this year, 2017, we have people lying on beds in corridors in underfunded poorly performing hospitals, and they are dying, literally dying. Yes we have an ageing population and this is the stock reason offered by politicians, but no one is mentioning that 600,000 new people came to live here last year, a new population the size of Newcastle with the right to free health care at the point of use. We have to have a grown-up conversation about the NHS and its future funding. PFI and the disgusting legacy of this Labour privatisation has to be highlighted, it runs into years of billions of debt.

This is our fight, this is our message. This is our cause!

Gangs of Muslim men across this country are responsible for the industrial scale sexual abuse of young vulnerable girls, some as young as thirteen, thirteen!  FGM is a continuing growing horrendous problem, it is being practiced in London right under the nose of the self–righteous Lord Mayor who never talks of it, never addresses it … We must take him to task. There were over 5,000 cases last year alone and not one single prosecution. Polygamous marriages within certain faith groups are being allowed to flourish here in Great Britain, often the girls being married are under-age.

This is our fight, this is our message. This is our cause.

Over 6,000 Asylum seekers have failed their claim to remain in this country and we have not removed them. They remain here on benefits at the cost of us tax-payers. We are borrowing to then pay out £12 billion per annum to overseas aid, much of it is lost amongst consultants and agencies. There is no measurable outcome to this expenditure. We pay 0.5% of our GDP more than any other country to overseas aid, yet many elderly people in this country do not and cannot have a reasonable level of care in their dotage.

This is our fight, this is our message. This is our cause.

The vanity project that is HS2 is now estimated to cost up to £156 billion. This is a folly of unprecedented scale. It will disturb and displace thousands of people, cut a scar through some of our most precious countryside to get people to Birmingham from London 30 minutes quicker than you can now, freight is the clarion cry from the enthusiasts. This is a lie.

This is our fight, this is our message. This is our cause.

Sharia law, education, house building policing, crime and defence are mainstream topics and should not be ignored but we are and have to get back to being radical, outspoken and honest.

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