It’s Friday, so let’s talk about fish – or rather, our fishery industry.

This is a subject which ought to make the blood boil of all who live at or near our coasts, be they English, Scottish, Northern irish or Welsh. And all those who live inland ought to ponder how come that our national fast food – fish ‘n chips – and those who provide it – our chippies – have practically vanished from our urban landscapes.

Many people have seen the decline of our fishery industry over the decades, the slow death of our fishing fleet and the harbours where they were based. While there was anger in the affected communities, it was restricted to local papers with hardly a notice taken in London.

We did get the righteous stance from the usual suspects on the Islington dinner circuit, about the environment, over-fishing, depleted resources – which by implication was of course “our” fault, the fault of our British fishermen, for going out and catching fish which we liked to eat.

There was the occasional mention of the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and their restrictions on catches through quota, through regulations of the size of fish caught, even the odd moan about the silliness that fishers had to throw away perfectly good fishes they’d caught, but the pernicious  influence of the EU never got mentioned.

In fact, it is far worse than we thought, or rather than we were and are led to believe by the establishment.

Not only was this CFP in force from the start – it was in fact set up before we joined the EU, by the Six, and pushed through by France, just like they pushed through the CAP: both these policies benefit them and no one else.

Heath’s negotiators were told to accept it or else there’d be no accession … so they accepted it – thus allowing the destruction of our fishery industries.

One result of this madness is that we, surrounded by the seas, are now importing 2/3s of the fish we consume!

And there’s more madness.

Through these policies, which we finance with our EU contributions, that is with our tax money, we ourselves are forced to support financially not just the destruction of one of our vital industries, we actually support the fishing fleets of those EU countries who thanks to EU legislation rob our fish stock.

While our fishing fleet is becoming more and more obsolete and uncompetitive, our tax money supports and has supported the building of new and bigger trawlers in Spain, Portugal, France. Our tax money also supports e.g. Dutch fishing companies to buy up our fish quota so that our fishers can’t even put out to sea and ply their trade.

That is where the imported fish comes from: we are buying back the fish caught around our Isles which other EU countries ‘harvest’, while our own people are literally not allowed to go out to sea to catch what is ours – ours because of the internationally agreed 200 mile economic exclusion zone (EEZ).

We must be mad, literally mad, to allow this destruction to keep going, a destruction paid for by us ourselves!

Norway’s fishing industry has none of the problems our fishing industry has. But then, Norway is not a member of the EU.

Only by leaving the EU can we take back what is rightfully ours! And we know how to get this exit – by straining all our resources in these last weeks until May 7th to achieve the result we need, for the sake of Britain!

Let me finish with this quote, taken from the foreword by Nigel Farage to Ray Finch MEP’s outstanding brochure “Stolen Seas”  on which this post is based:

“[…] the French did in a couple of years’ negotiation what they had failed to do in 900 years of conflict, to negate our navy and plunder our seas […]”

It’s truly time to take back what is ours!

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