I’ve been reluctantly living in town for the last few years, however, there are a few things that brightened up my day. Until recently, the mail in my area was delivered by lady posties, riding bicycles and very fit they were too.

The posty for our street was a lovely blonde, Dutch lady named Miraka. In the summer, Miraka’s uniform consisted of tight-fitting Lycra shorts and a skimpy blouse. My wife always looked on in disapproval at my enthusiasm in the mornings, as I was always ready to accept personal delivery of our mail.

These days the only stuff that arrives by mail are things like tax demands and speeding fines, having these things delivered by such a lovely, smiling lady, well, somehow it took the edge of it. Over time though, I noticed that the posties were delivering mail in little motorised carts and I could tell they weren’t from around these parts.

Recently, after not seeing Miraka for a couple of years, I bumped into her while out for a walk and we had a chat. Miraka told me about how she had been made redundant and had been fruitlessly searching for a job for the last couple of years. My mail was still getting delivered though, by a recently arrived immigrant.

Miraka also told me about how in the last few years of her job, she’d noticed the ever-increasing amount of people, local people sleeping rough, in shop doorways and other public places, something until recently unheard of.

Government housing was increasingly being taken up by immigrants and the government had a written policy of giving preferential treatment to so-called refugees (economic migrants). It is hard to see the justification for this policy when the people that the government were elected to represent are sleeping in the streets.

Of course, this is a social disaster that is happening in developed countries all over the world, particularly in the United Kingdom, all in the name of globalisation, the biggest betrayal by our politicians in history. This is an interesting video, not the most professionally produced but the numbers are correct:

“Immigrants VS Pensioners Weekly Income.” 

This is madness, people that have worked all of their lives, paid massive amounts of tax to support their country are having to face the indignity of living in poverty, while newly arrived immigrants are living the life of Riley at our expense.

Our economy can’t support this globalist government sponsored, mass invasion of our country, the most vulnerable people in our society are the first to suffer. The elderly, those made unemployed by migrants and the women and children that are raped and groomed by Muslim migrants, all of these people are deemed by our successive governments to be expendable in the name of Globalisation, Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness.

Our country has racked up massive, unpayable and exponentially increasing debt, the economy is kept going with money printing and voodoo economics, when the party ends: who is going to pay for the unemployed and homeless then?

Will the native indigenous British people be forced to watch from the gutter while hostile, incompatible, gang raping immigrants live in comfort? We’ve been had, lied to and betrayed, globalism is a disaster for us Brits, sold to us with a pack of lies, propaganda, and subterfuge.

Globalism may suit bankers and top businessmen that would like to exploit the world at their convenience, but it can never work for us Hoi Polloi, no matter what our politicians try to tell us.

Read my article “Surviving the human tsunami”. The population of the world is catastrophically out of control, these people will never stop invading, they are desperate to escape all of this population growth was in the Third World.

Globalist politicians, like Theresa May, David Cameron, Angela Merkel and Tony Blair (to name but a few) are really asking us, in order to further their globalist dream, to commit suicide alongside the Third World. It would be hard to imagine, in a rapidly overpopulating world, anything more stupid than giving our country away and yet we’ve fallen for it, we’ve been conned by the LibLabCon and their globalist masters.

This week, Donald Trump gave a speech at the United Nations General Assembly, see here:

In this speech, President Trump told the world that the United States of America was going to reject globalism and embrace patriotism, something that all of the citizens of democratic countries have a right to expect.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a President Trump, all we can manage is the despicable and evil Theresa May and things need to change, we are on a course for disaster and it is almost too late to change course, like the Titanic heading towards the iceberg.

Getting out of the globalist European Union is the first priority, we shouldn’t allow the likes of Theresa May to keep propagating the lie that we need a trade deal. Free trade with the European Union has amounted to the asset stripping of our country, see my article “Trade Deal Robbery”.

It is time for us to stop being intimidated by Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness, these are evil, totalitarian constructs and we need to wake up before it’s too late, the time is now and we must confront these evils head on.

Possibly now we have turned the tide on globalism and its attempt to disenfranchise us in our own country but we have a long battle on our hands and unfortunately, I think we’re in for some very serious battles and probably violence before we’re finished. There’s another very interesting video here: “The TRUTH about Muslim immigration in England”.

Unfortunately, many of the invaders, now that they’ve been here for a while, feel that our country is their country and they have no respect for us.

Boris Johnson says that women wearing the Burkhas look like letterboxes, but I prefer my mail delivered by fit birds on bicycles.

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