You are cordially invited to attend on Saturday 21st July 2018 at 11.00 am at


The purpose of the Meeting is to present a structure which will suit Wales, having regard to its geographical and political differences from the rest of the UK, and to put in place a Wales Committee democratically elected by the members if the structure is agreed by secret ballot.

The setting up of the Wales Committee was originally agreed by the then party Chairman Steve Crowther and Nathan Gill. Nathan then asked Chris Smart and Ian Williams to draw up a structure to present to an All Wales Meeting. This was held in Llandrindod Wells where circa 70 members attended.

The structure  –  with one exception, the enlargement to include all members  –  is still the same.

Events surrounding the Welsh Assembly Elections in 2016 delayed the adoption of the Llandrindod accord. Thereafter, apart from its being presented to the Chairman’s meeting at Port Talbot, nothing happened.

In January 2018, when the top-down attitudes of the then ruling elite, re-enforced by Henry Bolton, threatened to obliterate what was left of democratic participation, I called for a Grassroots rebellion in the manner of the principled rebellion by the American Colonies in 1776.

With the arrival of Gerard Batten as Leader rebellion is no longer necessary. This Meeting for all UKIP members in Wales relies on the inherent right of free association of British subjects.


  • Welcome and introductions – Hugh Moelwyn Hughes
  • Opening Address – Ian Williams
  • Presentation of Proposed Structure – Ian Williams
  • Vote on Proposed Structure – Stan Edwards

                   If the structure is accepted then move to

  • Regional Groups to select 3 members each on the Wales Committee
  • The Wales Committee meets to elect Officers
  • The elected Chairman takes the chair of this meeting

If the structure is not accepted  –  please suggest alternatives

 Note:  We have at all times tried to ensure that we inform all UKIP Wales members of this Meeting. Unfortunately, we have not been able to access the full database, but we have done our best to inform all UKIP members in Wales and apologise if not all members have been informed.

We need to be fighting fit to win elections, and at present, we are nowhere near it. The disaster of the local elections will be repeated in Wales if we do not have adequate structures which are capable of putting adequate procedures in place.

The above proposals are provisional and may be changed on a TEST AND ADJUST basis.

Hugh Moelwyn Hughes, a Founder Member of UKIP, and Convenor of this Conference.

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