Alison Sheridan (UKIP Exeter Branch Chair) has asked to put out a call for activists to help this Saturday at 12pm outside the White Company, Exeter High Street:

“We are using Brexit banners on the bridges around Exeter at 2pm and will be having a street stall at 12. I hope people will come to the street stall for a couple of hours then help hold up banners on the bridge nearby.  Katie Hopkins is helping and she has asked the press (Devonlive etc) will be there”. 


Members from neighbouring branches – please do attend!


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All Brexiteers must now stand together in this fight for Brexit. Therefore, we publish this appeal from Richard Tice, chairman of ‘Leave means Leave:


Theresa May has negotiated the worst deal in history and Parliament is set to debate this terrible Brexit con over the next few weeks.

As an organisation, Leave Means Leave speaks out for those who voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum and we are very clear that this deal does not meet the expectations of the millions of people who backed Brexit.

As such we want to ensure MPs hear our voices as they debate and decide how to vote.

Beginning on the 3rd of December, and continuing until the deal is voted on, we will be holding daily protests outside Parliament every day that MPs are sitting.

Starting at 11am everyday we are asking that people join us at the statue of George V on Abingdon Street for a protest against May and the worst deal in history.

We need as many people as possible to join us every day we are out protesting so that this betrayal of your vote does not go unnoticed. Please sign up for a free ticket on our eventbrite pages for all the days that you can attend.

Register here if you can attend on Monday 3rd.

Register here if you can attend on Tuesday 4th.

Register here if you can attend on Wednesday 5th.

Register here if you can attend on Thursday 6th.

Register here if you can attend on Monday 10th.

Register here if you can attend on Tuesday 11th.

Please also forward this email to as many Brexiteers as you know to ensure a good turnout.

Thank you for all your help – together we must stand up for our country’s future.

Kind regards,

Richard Tice
Vice Chairman
Leave Means Leave 

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