Martin Costello, Chair of UKIP Wiltshire, has sent us the following notifications of forthcoming events so that you can promote the dates amongst your friends and colleagues and make a note in your diaries to attend:

UK Freedom March 23rd June 1pm Victoria Station London

Martin Costello, Luke Nash-Jones and Tommy Robinson shall be speaking.

The UK Freedom March will be a celebration of the historic vote to leave the EU on the 23rd June 2016, and a cry for freedom from the EU, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from terror and freedom for all women.

All of these great freedoms are threatened by a political and media elite that treat us the forgotten people of the UK with total contempt, we are marching to make our voices heard and give a peaceful and legal outlet for a people who at boiling point, people who are crying out for change in our great country!

The march will take the form of a carnival and will end with speeches and a picnic! We will pass the Houses of Parliament and the locations of last years deadly terror attacks. We will be carrying thousands of union flags and have very high-profile speakers from the political and patriotic movements.

This will be a fantastic family friendly event for all who care about this great country, so join us as we turn the town red white and blue on the 23rd June!

Only Way is Brexit – Independence Day Party on the same day – see link below:

March 4 Trump, 14th July

Luke Nash-Jones and Martin Costello of the MBGA campaign will, with the support of Veterans Against Terrorism, UKIP London, the DFLA, and members of the FLA, lead a march from Parliament Sq to the US Embassy:


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