It is always welcome when a report in one or other of the Westminster MSM papers provides us with ammunition to make our case, because we can pick that up and run with it wherever we talk to people – on the streets, the doorsteps, the pubs, the school runs.

One such welcome report – on Foreign Aid – was published at the weekend, namely by The Mail on Sunday . They even put the video with Nigel Farage in the online edition, where he introduces our policies on Foreign Aid.

The facts published in that report are staggering. It’s not just the pure waste, such as revamping an office in India for over £400,000 at the end of last year because ‘the money must be spent!’, when the official policy is to stop giving Foreign Aid to India, there’s worse.

Nothing could exemplify the moral and intellectual corruption at the heart of Whitehall and Westminster than the scandal that a big chunk of our tax money supposedly going to help the poorest countries in the world ends up in the coffers of ‘consultants’, American and British ones. That chunk is around one £1billion.

Another billion of our tax money for Foreign Aid goes to the EU and the World Bank. Just like in the ‘big name’ international charities, a huge amount goes to the ‘administrators’, the highly paid people, not the poorest of the poor.

But the true corruption is here: for example, PwC, one of the companies ‘blessed’ with £122 million of our “foreign” aid money in the last year alone, donates money to the Tory party, which allegedly is spread between deserving MPs. One such recipient was Ms Justine Greening, the Minister for International Aid and Development. She was an accountant at PwC.

These are facts. You draw your own conclusions – others have called it ‘moral corruption’.

These donations and fees may be squeaky clean and above board, declared and all, as one would expect from such accountants and consultants whose business it is to know and exploit loopholes of which we, who only pay for all this with our taxes, are unaware.

The fact remains however that it stinks.

And the fact remains that our money does not end up helping the poorest but ends up paying for swanky offices, for exploiting tax loopholes, for lobbying ministers to keep that lovely income stream going, in the name of ‘do-goodery’.

This is one report, full of facts, which we can and must use when talking to people. Nothing illustrates our policies in regard to foreign aid better.

It is our money – not that of the ministers, civil servants or consultants. It is iniquitous to deny our own people succour and help, be they our Armed Forces veterans, be they our old and infirm, just so that David Cameron and his ilk can look good on the international ‘do-goodery’ circuits.

Charity begins at home, and we would be foolish not to use that report and the facts and numbers presented in it to hammer home how right and indeed righteous our policy on Foreign Aid is.


Photo by ~lauren

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