Forget about Bolton. Concentrate on Happiness.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ——“

As many of you will realise, that’s from the US Declaration of Independence and it is well worth remembering, as governments and politicians are only tolerated insomuch as they act as a catalyst to improve, over time, the wellbeing and happiness of the individual and as a consequence, the general community and nation.

Read it again. “All men are created equal”. ‘Men’ meaning universal man~ and womankind, with no differentiation regarding race, religion, creed or sexuality. If there are some out there already bristling at my last sentence, feel no need to read further, as I will have lost you already. Be happy.

Far from being an obsolete utopian notion in a complex, busy and violent modern world, the pursuit of happiness is the key to achieving the ultimate aim of a truly modern politician – making change that improves the lot of the people you have been elected to represent, and creating a proud legacy for those that follow us.

We are all, I assume, in agreement that in an ideal world we will have a fully employed workforce, with nobody earning less than is needed to enjoy a decent standard of living including a modest home?

We are all, I assume, in agreement that in an ideal world we will all have access to the best health care, with provision for the elderly and chronically sick so that they never have to give up all they have worked for to secure that?

We are all, I assume, in agreement that we should be safe to walk our streets, with a police force supported by consensus and without fear of suffering injustice?

We are all, I assume, in agreement that we want to defend this country of ours, so we can all enjoy the benefits already mentioned?

We are all, I assume, in agreement that everybody, as in all our people, are entitled to, and must be educated to, the best of their abilities – and guided to pursue a career path that enriches and inspires them?

I hope I’m getting your attention now, but if any other people are seething at this idea, that these goals are not your cup of tea at all, and that I’m a loony liberal, then you too need read no further, and be happy in your own way.

So what is this philosophy of happiness as a political goal?  Is it a Conservative philosophy, a Liberal one? A Socialist one?  Or all (or none) of the above?

Maybe we should make it our goal: a UKIP philosophy.

UKIP needs, if it is to get anywhere in politics, to understand the primal needs of individuals.  We cannot hope to change those people already on a dogmatic course to nowhere, or motivate those embedded in a rose-tinted past that no longer exists.  They should be in other political parties. We have to really understand human nature and self-interest and consolidate that into a mind-set and into a real policy that improves our society and country through motivating and inspiring the individual.

Negativity loses elections. Negative ‘leaders’ cannot lead.  Are you not tired of listening to endless misery from the likes of Corbyn and May?  Are you not tired of listening to endless predictions of disaster regarding Brexit (whatever side of the Brexit divide you may be on?)

Are you not tired of Bolton and the old guard of UKIP?

For those of you still with me, I urge you to select the next UKIP leader with all these considerations in mind.  Are you happy that they grasp that political progress can only be possible if they get into the hearts and minds of not only the party, but of the electorate – and the individual?

This requires someone of great intellect, with a calm and friendly nature, but with a will to work hard and succeed.  This person needs to be able to engage, with good humour and charm, media and political commentators as well as the public.  We need a collaborative and transparent person, not afraid of seeking or giving counsel. There’s someone out there…

Someone like you, perhaps?


Photo by bob194156

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