To All Members of UKIP in Wales and Friends

Dear Colleague,

The paramount consideration for us is to re-establish the Party in Wales within the classical liberal tradition of Freedom of Association, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Enterprise, Free Trade, Democracy, and the Rule of Law, which are the foundation stones of every successful country in the world today, and for that to happen we must create institutions within which we can express ourselves freely.

In the last 5 years we have seen:

  1.  the destruction of the democratically elected Wales Committee,
  2. the imposition of Chairmen-only representation at County and Regional level, which is designed for top-down rule by the party hierarchy, and the elimination of grassroots input, and
  3. the imposition of Controllers at County and Regional level. In the Nazi lexicon these are Gauleiters. The Obergauleiters in London have imposed a fascist system on us.
  4. The system doesn’t work, and it never will, because it alienates and insults all democratic members, and exports to London all major decisions relating to Wales. The problem with the rule of Wales from London is that the Obergauleiters are so ignorant that they are not even aware of their own ignorance.
  5. The removal of the Sun/Pound/UKIP Logo by a procedural trick and contrary to the members wishes

The time has come for a principled rebellion against these impositions, in the manner of the 13 Colonies in America in 1776, with a view to establishing democratic institutions.

This is of growing importance as the number of Head office executives decreases because of lack of funds – Gawain Towler is the latest to go.

The only way forward is to substitute the energy and expertise of Branch volunteers meeting locally, within one hour’s travel of a convenient meeting place, and that means forming Democratic Counties.

In Wales we have no Counties, but we do have 5 divisions for the purpose of the Proportional Representation vote at Welsh Assembly Elections. They are the nearest that we have got to the English Counties, and so that is what I will call them, and they are important to UKIP in Wales because only through the 5 Divisions, or Counties, can we succeed at the Assembly Elections in 3 years time.

Currently a successful Constituency Association cannot help a weaker neighbour because under the divide-and-rule principle imposed by the hierarchy upon Newton Abbot: our wonderful Newton Abbot volunteers are prohibited from providing the information!

Each of the successful Associations has a number of effective “goers”. In a Democratic County those “goers” will be able to help all County Constituencies.

And UKIP will be far better off

(South Wales East has the only County Branch in the UK. It is the most successful division in Wales.)

This emancipation of the members within Democratic Counties will be opposed by all the Gauleiters who see their empires eroding. Here is how you can by-pass them:

With a view to establishing new institutions at County and Wales level you are invited to a




Summary Agenda

A discussion of Gerard Batten’s points:

  • to continue to argue the case for a strictly controlled and limited immigration system
  • to promote economic policies to make ordinary working people feel that the economy works for them by providing jobs for ordinary working people
  • to face up to the threat posed to our way of life by radical Islam
  • to speak up against political correctness and cultural Marxism
  • to increase our membership by adopting policies appealing to those who feel disenfranchised
  • to use social media to recruit new members and spread our message

A discussion of Policies for Wales:

  • Helping our farmers and enhancing the prospects of wildlife in upland Wales
  • ( Edmund Marriage)
  • The impact of the “Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015”  
  • (Stan Edwards)
  • Wales and its vast resources : the key to future industrial success.
  • (Edmund Marriage)
  • How we can help the National Health Service
  • (South Wales East Branch proposals)

Developing County Branches

Forming a Wales Committee

  • Structure
  • Purpose
  • Relationship with UKIP Governing Body

Further details are set out in “A Blueprint” published in UKIP Daily, Jan 21st 2017

Admission only to UKIP members with membership card.

If you want to create democratic UKIP institutions in Wales

please attend the conference.

Your views are important. Every one will have a right to speak.

Meanwhile please talk to as many UKIP members as you can.

We must break down the isolation caused by the mistaken top-down divide-and-rule policy imposed on us by the UKIP hierarchy who oppose every creative suggestion from the GRASSROOTS.

With Grassroots Networking you can help bypass the dead hand of the hierarchy


FORWARDING this invitation to all your UKIP WALES contacts

and UKIP FRIENDS in England

To register your interest email  

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