During four days in May 2014,UKIP rocked the political establishment to its very foundations.

The party had weathered torrents of undeserved abuse and spite by the bucketful from the political establishment and its conspirators in the media.

And yet the people listened, used their common sense and good judgement and decided that it was UKIP which gave a clear and honest voice to their concerns.

The people knew that abuse was the last resort of those who know they have lost the argument.

The people voted accordingly. In the country at large outside London we polled around 25% of the vote in the local elections and more than 30% in the European elections.

Why did we do so well? Because of the simple but compelling truth that unless we restore our own parliamentary democracy we are powerless to act fully in our own best interests.

That is the core of UKIP’s beliefs. That is why our national membership is soaring and will soon eclipse that of the discredited Lib Dems. Here in East Hampshire our membership has almost trebled in the last year.

Dare we now dream that building on our success and our momentum we might see UKIP MP’s taking their place on the green leather benches of the House of Commons?

Just a short year ago that prospect would have seemed unimaginable. But just a short year ago so too would our success during those four days in May.

Yes! We should dare to dream!

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