Philip Hammond was right when he referred to the EU as “the enemy”.  The EU is the enemy of Britain because it wants to destroy Britain as a nation state and reduce it to the status of a province in a European Empire.  However, the British people are faced with four home-grown enemies, all of whom want to defy the will of the people and keep Britain under the heel of EU occupation.

The first of these enemies is our own Parliament.  Most of the current members supported the “remain” side during the referendum campaign, and remainers hold most of the key positions in the cabinet and outnumber the leavers there by about two to one.  The Prime Minister, Theresa May, is a remainer, although I believe that she might have been just trying to be on the winning side in the interests of her career (she seems to have come out of that one smelling of roses!), but either way her performance is pathetic.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, is a die-hard remainer who seems to be more loyal to Brussels than to Britain, and any improvements in the economy seem to be in spite of him, instead of because of him.

The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, acts more like a Lib/Dem than a Conservative and could be mistaken for a bleeding-heart human rights lawyer.  Don’t forget that Parliament also includes the House of Lords, and the House of Lords is the mortal enemy of the British people when it comes to the EU.  The House of Lords is not answerable to any electorate, so they can flaunt their treachery openly, and with impunity.  All of this may explain why the Brexit negotiations are becoming a fiasco, and more and more concessions are being given away to the EU.

The next enemy is the corporate elite.  They are the ones who get rich out of the EU and love things like the never-ending supply of immigrant labour that will work long, hard, and cheap, keeping wages low, conditions poor, and British workers at the bottom of the heap.  They are the ones who fill up the coffers of the Conservative party, and their influence may well be behind the way the Brexit negotiations are bogging down.  They hold the ordinary man in the street in utter contempt and see him as little more than a tax-paying serf.

The third enemy is the judiciary.  They are both unelected and unassailable.  They wield enormous power and answer to nobody but themselves.  The Miller case [R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union [2016] EWHC 2768] showed that the courts are primarily interested in overturning the will of the people and keeping us in the EU.   What they did, in simple terms, was to take ultimate sovereignty away from the citizens and give it to Parliament instead.  This makes the ordinary citizens the servants of Parliament, unable to exercise their sovereignty themselves.  I strongly suspect that the courts colluded with the remainers in Parliament and the corporate elite when coming up with this unconstitutional decision.  I may be wrong, but the whole issue stinks like a skunk farm!

The fourth enemy is, of course, the mainstream media.  Leading the charge for the remainers is the BBC, the “Brussels Brainwashing Corporation”.  Whenever we see a political programme on the BBC, there are always plenty of pundits speaking for continuing our EU membership if we want to avoid some sort of economic and social catastrophe.

Many of these pundits include: academics who are working for some government department or other, failed politicians who have lost their seats and are looking for another government meal ticket, washed-up ex-politicians who still think that they should be listened to, or current MPs who are spouting the (pro-EU) party line like a mantra.  Occasionally you may see a UKIP MEP or a pro-Leave conservative, but this is only to pay lip service to BBC impartiality.  Channel 4 is sometimes even worse than the BBC, but then again Channel 4 seems to be against Western society per se.  The newspapers seem to be split between those who are pro-EU and those that are favour of us leaving.  Fortunately, the circulation of the Daily Mail greatly exceeds the circulation of the Guardian.

The ordinary British citizen who voted to leave the EU is up against the whole of “the establishment”.  The hand of every institution that exercises power in this country is turned against us, and is doing its best to keep us subservient to our EU masters.  Although we have the referendum result, the fight for liberation has only just begun, and it will be a long, hard battle whose outcome is anything but certain.  The public may well live to regret having dumped UKIP at the ballot box so quickly.

If we fail to break free this time, the rules of the EU will surely be changed to prevent any future escapes, and it could end up in a real nightmare scenario.  The EU is not a static situation but is an ongoing project to transform nation states into one central state.   We are already hearing about proposed things like a European Public Prosecutor and a European Army.  Somebody once said:  “failure is not an option.”  We must not fail in this one and only opportunity for liberation that has come to us.

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