Daily Telegraph

S&P affirms Britain’s triple-A rating but strips EU

The EU is in denial over the euro – its failed currency

Defence cuts: It’s no use having guns with no one to fire them

BBC criticised for giving extremist preacher Anjem Choudary airtime

(The Editor aims to make a transcript of this broadcast later)

The Guardian

Rochdale sex-grooming gangs able to flourish due to police errors says report

BBC’s Today programme criticised for giving airtime to radical cleric

Rents rise twice as much as earnings

Tax meat to cut methane emissions, say scientists

Here we go, something else to tax to fund the ever increasing government machine

The Independent

The long, troubled road to fear: How two boys turned into murderous fanatics

Boris Johnson clashes with Vince Cable over London ‘draining life’ out of rest of UK comments

Nearly 50% of teachers have considered quitting jobs in past year


Starting the Christmas light relief

Daily Express

David Cameron to tell EU summit: ‘No more migrant free-for-all

Michael Adebolajo police interview: ‘There is a war between the Muslims and the British’

If David Cameron tackles immigration he’ll win the next election

Lord Hanningfield defends his £300-a-day clocking-in cash at House of Lords

The readers are not impressed with this article. For example, KONUKL says: “thieving bastards”

Daily Mail

‘We’re importing a crime wave from Romania and Bulgaria’: Tory MPs round on ministers as immigration curbs are lifted

Why is the BBC giving this man a platform? Backlash after hate preacher Anjem Choudary is invited onto Radio 4 after two Muslim converts are found guilty of hacking soldier to death

One in six has a mortgage four times their salary: Bank of England reveals many struggling with payments in negative equity

Families where generations have never worked because they don’t want to cut the benefits ‘umbilical cord’

Daily Mirror

Lee Rigby murder: Womanising killer fathered six kids with three women and once dated ‘Face of Essex’ model

UK politicians send nearly one million tweets in 2013

Legal high ‘epidemic’ is costing lives because ministers acted too slowly warns damning report

Lord Hanningfield: I’m no fraud, £300 a day expenses system has short-changed me

Reader comment: “That vile man is a complete waste of taxpayer’s money”

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