Rumours have it that Labour are about to u-turn their support for HS2, and Milliband has delegated the decision to Ed Balls, in order to distance himself from any perceived backtrack.

Elsewhere, you would think there is now no shame in being seen to u-turn as Clegg says he WILL back a cut in green taxes paid through fuel bills, but warns environmental schemes must be paid for by the taxation Although this appears at first, to be a victory for those that disagree with green subsidies, the fact that he wants the money to come from taxation, (from people that will no doubt also be paying gas and electricity bills, means that it is effective no different to the current situation where it is paid for by.. er.. those that have gas and electricity bills.

It may not be the deputy PM’s fault he can’t see the pointlessness of his proposals, afterall, he was taught by the kind of ‘unqualified’ teachers he now wishes to see banned from the classroom.

His party is the butt of further critisim today, as news emerges that despite UK workers facing a fifth year of below inflation pay-rises the longest decline in living standards since 1984, Lib Dem MEPs voted to increase the EU budget by 2%, while UKIP and the others all voted against. So much for Cameron’s heralded achievement that he agreed a historic budget settlement with the EU last year – it will in fact increase by €855million more than the deal he ‘secured’.

It seems that nothing Clegg does is u-turning the bad press he constantly gets these days, and perhaps the Telegraph offers a valid reason why: Nick Clegg is rejecting liberalism just as the Conservatives are embracing it.

The EU itself currently has bigger fish to fry than whether UK parties back the budget rise, as they seem to be picking a fight with the US over spying allegations. It’s not entirely clear how bothered Obama will be that Merkel says US spying on allies has shattered trust in Obama as European leaders unite in anger at summit. It would appear that in the tradition of US presidents, Obama is not a one-woman-man, and has also been at it with the neighbours: NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders after government official handed agency rolodexes of numbers, claims latest Snowden leak.

Having not been spied on by the US, you would think the scandal would not have any consequences for us, not so according to The Express, who say US spy row threatens David Cameron’s plans for EU shake-up.

The sceptic in me wonders weather this last article is actually an initiative by the tory press office to prepare excuses for a potentially disappointing outcome from Cameron’s efforts, or am I being too conspiratorial? If only Obama had bugged the tories no doubt Snowden could have told us.


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