All migrants must pass English tests before they can claim benefits: Duncan Smith to tighten rules on grasp of language

  • Ian Duncan Smith has vowed to tighten up the standard of English required
  • The Work and Pensions Secretary says migrants to be quizzed on skills


Romanians arrested at seven times rate of Britons: 800 held in London last month

  • Many arrests linked to cashpoint fraud costing £40million in six months
  • For every 1,000 Romanians in London 183 are arrested
  • Police told to investigate why figures are so disproportionate


Living standards in the UK really are better, Mr Balls! Families now enjoy sixth highest quality of life in the EU

  • Figures released by the Office for National Statistics give weight to Chancellor George Osbourne’s claim that the ‘economic plan is working’
  • UK is tied with Denmark and France in the living standards league table
  • Contradicts Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls’s claim last week that families in Britain are in the grip of a crisis


Eurocrats forced couple off farm they wanted to give to their sons – so it could be flooded for wildfowl: Landowner says EU put ‘rights of birds above humans’

  • Kenneth and Deidre Hicks left their home ‘with a gun to their heads’
  • EU regulation allows RSPB to flood the land to encourage breeding of endangered species
  • Raised water levels will flood the farm to create a habitat for wildfowl including brent geese, widgeons, shovellers, lapwings and redshanks
  • Mr Hicks said: ‘It has forced us out of our home because it effectively values the rights of birds above the rights of human beings’


Sons in battle for £389,000 left by expat father to BNP: Brothers were bequeathed just £135 between them, High Court told

  • Joseph Robson moved to Alicante in 1992 and in 2010 estate left to BNP
  • His sons Jeremy and Simon were handed £67.50 each in disputed will
  • They say father was not registered to vote in UK so cannot donate to BNP
  • Political party say sons are wrongly trying to block father’s dying wish


MPs make another mess

POLITICIANS have messed up so many things that it is no surprise to see them messing up setting their own pay.


Doctors routinely ‘help dying patients along the way’, Lords told

Peers told that it is an ‘illusion’ to deny that doctors routinely end dying patients’ lives to spare them suffering


This Chinese revolution would change the world

Freeing the renminbi currency will transform China’s economy and give the UK – with its key position in international capital markets – with a once-in-a-century opportunity


Ukip won the argument on Europe and in Europe

Guido Fawkes

Minister Responsible for HMRC Reported to HMRC

Energy Secretary Ed Davey has not urged any of the Big Six to keep bill prices down

His failure came to light after Labour’s Derek Twigg had asked “at which meetings with the Big Six he asked them to not increase prices”


Ireland to become first country to exit eurozone bailout

As Fine Gael-Labour government says austerity has successfully restored confidence, Sinn Fein says troika mindset remains

City AM

Globalisation beckons: UK finally exports more to China than Eire

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