Is this the end of the cinnamon roll? Traditional Danish pastries under threat after EU threatens ban on the spice

  • End to Denmark’s beloved pastries comes from EU limits on coumarin
  • Chemical is found in the most common type of cinnamon, cassia
  • The proposed ban follows plans by Denmark’s food safety agency to implement EU regulations


Mother wins right to stay in UK to see the baby girl she stabbed: Bangladeshi woman uses human rights laws to stay after she served five year jail term

  • Woman was jailed for five years for attempted murder with kitchen knife
  • She said of her unhappy marriage: ‘If I can’t have [the baby] no-one will’
  • But tribunal ruled deporting her to Bangladesh would be disproportionate
  • She moved to Tower Hamlets, east London, in 2007 after marrying cousin


Patten is a ‘busted flush’ says ex-BBC chief Dyke: Former director-general says broadcaster would be better off without trust chairman

  • Greg Dyke says Lord Patten had been damaged by Jimmy Savile scandal
  • Claims chairman handled fall-out from severance payouts badly
  •  Describes 2014 as ‘crucial’ for the corporation with debate over licence fee


Cameron threatens Press over tougher regulation: PM warns of ‘crackdown’ if newspapers refuse to sign up

  • PM warns future ‘illiberal’ government may impose tougher rules
  • His stance is in stark contrast to Culture Secretary Maria Miller
  • She recently indicated nothing would happen if Press refused to sign


Council leader’s fear over ‘crisis’ migrant numbers

NEXT week’s influx of eastern Europeans will stretch schools and hospitals to crisis point, a council leader warned last night.


New UK immigration rules will create a ‘climate of ethnic profiling’ warn United Nations

GENUINE asylum seekers could feel stigmatised amid a “climate of ethnic profiling” under Government plans to tighten immigration rules, the UN has warned.


‘Illegal’ migrants stay despite raids

Almost two-thirds of suspected illegal immigrants caught in raids on restaurants since 2008 remain in the country, figures show


Hunting’s supporters rally with a warning for Cameron: Don’t count on us next time

As the most British of pageants – the Boxing Day hunt – enjoys huge turnouts across the country this year, the Tories are ignoring anger over the hunting ban


In 2013, France outplayed us at the diplomatic game


Can Britain really overhaul the Germans?

The economy could indeed become the largest in Europe – but it’s a weak field


David Cameron’s dirty war – Ed Miliband warns of Tory smear campaign at next General Election


Fury with MPs is main reason for not voting – poll

Poll reveals anger, not boredom, lies behind drop in political engagement


Will winning the 2015 election destroy Labour for a generation?

If Ed Miliband is clear about the scale of the challenge, and brings back fairness and value for money, this may not be the election to lose

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