The ‘3% fall’ in crime that may really be an 8% surge: Hundreds of thousands of offences may not have been documented because police fiddle figures

  • Crime Survey for England and Wales reveals 8m ‘incidents’ in past year
  • Falls in household crime, thefts and violent crime drives drop, experts say
  • Effect of Jimmy Savile and Operation Yewtree causes rise in sex attacks
  • Last week UK Statistics Authority withdrew approval of UK crime figures
  • Critics say 500,000 crimes, including sex attacks, ‘screened out’ in 2013

Giving vote to 16-year-olds is Labour priority: Sadiq Khan says it will be one of first acts if they win power but Tories accuse party of pandering to the unions 

  • Labour insiders believe the party will benefit from the move because the 16 and 17-year-old group are considered more likely to vote in its favour
  • But Sadiq Khan will claim the change could play a key part in tackling ‘the public’s malaise towards all things political’

Don’t demonise business, Red Ed is warned: UK’s top bosses say policies will cost jobs and hold back recovery

  • Labour leader promises to intervene in energy, housing and banking
  • Mr Miliband says he wants to make markets work for the consumer
  • But some business leaders fear the impact on profits from interference
  • Labour hits back, saying the Tories are ‘captured’ by vested interests

Now Lib Dems use taxpayers’ money to keep new sex scandal report secret

  • The party are in court today to suppress further allegations about sexual misconduct by one of their MPs
  • Lib Dems already accused of trying to hush up details of the claims against Mike Hancock, who is said to have made advances on vulnerable constituent

Stop the finger-wagging and offer hope, Iain Duncan Smith tells Tories, as he insists his benefits cuts are not about bashing the poor

  • Work and Pensions Secretary said Conservatives should be less ‘hateful’ 
  • He believes voters want positive aspirational advice, not finger-wagging
  • Duncan Smith insists benefits cuts will promote ‘positive life changes’

PM heads off Tory revolt on migrants: Cameron vows to crack down on new EU states

  • PM will try to avoid a damaging clash with Tory MPs over immigration
  • Will promise to change the law to make it harder for future governments to admit new EU member states


David Cameron hails the start of ‘recovery for all’

Prime Minister says there are “positive signs” that families are seeing their living standards rise as the economy emerges from the downturn

Social reform is a moral mission that will define the Tories’ future

Peter Lilley’s ‘little list’ has hung over the party for too long – and IDS can heal the wounds

Tory MPs: Theresa May must assess if EU migration is ‘excessive’

Theresa May will assess whether number of EU migrants coming to Britain is ‘excessive’ under plans tabled by Tory MPs

Talented MPs are turning their backs on Westminster

Parliament may look grand from the outside, but it is so dysfunctional on the inside that continuing as an MP can seem like a real waste of time

Conservative Home

Could Patrick O’Flynn, iconoclastic journalist turned political spinner, be UKIP’s next leader?

UKIP Week: What makes councillors defect to it?

Stuart Coster: The EU referendum bill – dodgy arguments from devious peers

Guido Fawkes

More Evidence That Clegg Knew About Hancock Emerges


Nigel Farage disowns Ukip’s entire 2010 election manifesto

Ukip leader says all policies are under review and he will not commit to new ones until after European elections


Judge strikes refugee in criminal hearing

A FURIOUS judge hit out at an Iraqi refugee yesterday after hearing how he used a Motability car provided by the State to carry out a burglary.

Daily events

In the House of Commons

– Train Companies (Minimum Fares) Bill – Second reading – Thomas Docherty

– Zero Hours Contracts Bill – Second reading – Andy Sawford

– Control of Offshore Wind Turbines Bill – Second reading (Day 2) – Mr Christopher Chope

– Extension of Franchise (House of Lords) Bill [HL] – Second reading – Stephen Pound

– EU Membership (Audit of Costs and Benefits) Bill – Second reading – Mr Christopher Chope

– Asylum (Time Limit) Bill – Second reading – Mr Christopher Chope

– Foreign Nationals (Access to Public Services) Bill – Second reading – Mr Christopher Chope

– House of Lords (Maximum Membership) Bill – Second reading – Mr Christopher Chope

In the House of Lords

– European Union (Referendum) Bill – Committee of the whole House – Lord Dobbs


– Friday: Nigel Evans plea hearing. Plea and case management hearing for Nigel Evans MP accused of various sexual offences against seven men.

– Friday: British Bankers’ Association (BBA) releases its latest high street banking report.

– Saturday: World Economic Forum. David Cameron to arrive in Davos, Switzerland on January 23, and give speech on January 24

– Saturday: Progress conference with speeches by Harriet Harman and Caroline Flint. “Third Place First” conference will look at how Labour can win seats where it came third in 2010.

– Saturday: Fabian Society conference, with speech by Ed Balls. There will be a speech by shadow chancellor Ed Balls.

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