It’s that busy time of the year for those who contest elections. Busy for those who go to the trouble of putting themselves on the ballot paper to fight the incumbent globalist parties. Recent articles on Independence Daily by Alan Piper [here and here] and Dave Allen [here] relating to the upcoming elections piqued my interest.

Statements of Persons Nominated for Election in local councils across England were published this week and the grassroots of the patriotic angst, those gritty souls who go beyond theorising and whingeing about UK politics, are revealed. The persons listed in these statements who are standing as Independents, as UKIP, as the SDP, as For Britain, as Reclaim Party, as Reform Party, as Heritage Party, as Britain First, as The Yorkshire Party, as Northern Independence Party, as TUSC Party… …the list goes on, are in effect the only people challenging the UK’s globalist political elites. Well done to them all – Front Line Warriors. Like Minded Independents? Possibly not, but probably people with a common enemy.

Globalists own the Lib Lab Con SNP, the UK’s governing Uniparty. Democracy is a mirage and the death of Representative Democracy in the UK is complete – those institutions of politics are now vehicles for globalist careerists and the people are fully divorced from the engine of governance – whether it be those in Whitehall, Local Authority Executives or heads of the police, health institutions, academia or the armed services.

Political change is coming. The trends are clear – Labour has lost the emotional tie with its base in large swathes of Great Britain. The Conservative Party failed to court 10% of the vote in the last EU election seen in the UK. Voters are less predictable and less emotionally wed to a brand and recent years have provided individual political revolutions in numbers unseen in the past.

2019 brought elections where lifetime Conservative voters cast their ballot against the Conservative Party for the first time. Do it once, they will do it again. An individual political revolution. 2019 also brought an election where labour voters across generations went and voted Conservative for the first time – to ‘Get Brexit Done’. It is difficult to describe what a difficult Rubicon this was to cross for many, yet cross it they did – more individual political revolutions. Will these former Labour voters vote Labour again? Or are they awaiting a new shiny political force to which they can peg their future loyalty? One which cares about Britain and which will unashamedly put Britain first.

2021 sees a smorgasbord of new parties and people on the ballot paper. A divided opposition to the LibLabCon. A review of the Statements of Persons Nominated shows that large proportions of the angry disaffected voters will be faced yet again with a ballot paper of no choice. Lib Lab Con Green – any globalist party you want, but no option. It is the absence of choice in these wards that determine that Lab Con will retain power. Many voters will have multiple choices as the Reform/Reclaim/Heritage/SDP egos can’t even organise their small numbers of candidates to avoid one another, so the Conservatives chuckle and the Labour Party sighs in relief. 

I suspect many Independents will do well. Independents with a town name, as discussed in Dave Allen’s article, will do even better. However, I suspect that many of the ‘New Parties’ which are spending some money – Reclaim, Reform, SDP – will look back on these elections and see a lot of expense for very little response on the ballot paper.

I am standing for a ‘new’ branded party (formed in 2018 and with 3 wins in elections giving 3 councillors, so perhaps not that new) in my ward this year, promoting Direct Democracy and independents in politics. I am working with 11 other ‘persons nominated’ who are standing for election under different Independent/Town name brands.

At this time, four weeks before the election, the die is cast. If you haven’t already printed your material, got your messaging right, and started your plan to communicate the message to the electors in your ward then you are already too late and need to be focusing on building for next year. 

I will be disappointed if in mid-May I am not in receipt of at least five invitations to lunch in the Council Cafeteria from new Councillors out of the eleven candidates I am supporting. Time will tell, but on May the 8th when Reform, Reclaim, Heritage Party, For Britain, Alliance for Democracy and Freedom, SDP, et al. fail to gain elected representation, lick their wounds and wonder how and why the voters haven’t responded to them, plans for the next two election cycles in our neck of the woods will be formulated. Plans to (i) increase the number of Independent Councillors with a view to (ii) removing the Labour Party from their hold on power in that Council for the first time in a century over the next two cycles.

The future is bright, if like minded independents ditch their egos, think about real voters, embrace localism and Direct Democracy and focus on the task in hand – to get LibLabCon out from grassroots level up, one by one. History, and Nigel Farage, should have taught us all that LibLabCon cannot be removed in the UK from within or from a top down strategy. However people individually choose to direct their further energies from May 2021 forward, I and my colleagues will continue doing the job at local level – replacing Labour and Conservatives Uniparty careerists with decent elector focused people and promoting that which voters are actually interested in and will vote for – Direct Democracy and independence from Party political control.




Photo by Newtown grafitti

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