Theresa May, as our new Prime Minister, has issued a framework for Brexit (published in the Telegraph). One of the criteria of this framework is the speeding up of negotiations with the US to join the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The TTIP is part of a series of trade deals being negotiated mostly in secret, other are the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) and the Trade in Services Agreement. These trade agreements will span the globe and are as much a threat to our sovereignty as the Common Market turned out to be.

I’ve written about these agreements in previous articles and as I’ve predicted, as the European Union was becoming obsolete anyway, we could have gained a very hollow victory by voting to leave. It is starting to look to me as if the referendum on our membership of the European Union was just a diversion to cover the real agenda of establishing draconian global trade deals, the real purpose of which are to form a global and ultimately political union on steroids.

As I’ve written previously, according to Professor Jane Kelsey at the University of Auckland.:

“these trade deals are not about trade, they’re about undermining and bypassing national sovereignty.”

The fulcrum of these trade deals is the United states and will give corporations unprecedented power over governments, they will make medicines more expensive amongst other things and undermine many environmental agreements. In short corporations will be able to do what they like and sue our governments in a closed court if they feel that their profits have been curtailed, of course the fines will come from the taxpayer and are potentially unlimited.

We’ve all watched over the years, how the Common Market, a simple trade agreement (supposedly), morphed into the Totalitarian and anti-democratic European Union: you haven’t seen anything yet. Theresa May wanted to remain in the European Union, but her answer to leaving is to speedily sign us up for something much worse and just as much of a threat to our sovereignty. We’ve been stitched up again!

For more information, see this video:

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