The video below deals with the event in the UKIP Wales Group in the Welsh Assembly . Please watch it and read the accompanying article (here) – both explain the reason for the ousting of Neil Hamilton AM as leader of the Group:



This is the text – please also read the accompanying article (here)

Here we are again, at the lovely institution called the National Assembly for Wales.

As you probably know by now, UKIP has had elected members here for the past two years.

We have been opposing things like the expansion of the Assembly, the plan to raise the cost of alcohol by charging minimum unit prices, and the mad proposal to ban parents from smacking their misbehaving children.

However, UKIP have not been here for very long, and there are a few things that we need to decide now, to help us going forward in the future.

One of those things is how we select our candidates for the next Assembly election in 2021.

Another is how we elect the Leader of our Group in the Assembly.

I recently wrote a 25 page report which I sent to UKIP’s National Executive Committee giving my proposals on how we deal with these two issues.

I said that we should give a vote to all UKIP Party members in Wales as to who they wanted to be the leading candidates for the Party in the Assembly elections in 2021.

I also said that all UKIP Party members in Wales should have a vote in a leadership election to decide which of the five UKIP Assembly Members should now lead the Party in the Assembly, and in Wales, going forward.

It is still early days, as the NEC have not had my report for very long. But the situation has now changed dramatically in the UKIP Assembly Group over the past week.

There has been a coup, and Caroline Jones has now emerged as the new Assembly leader, replacing Neil Hamilton.

But the Party members in Wales haven’t been consulted over this. It appears that Caroline and her supporters have made this move precisely because they don’t want my proposals to come into being.

In other words, they don’t want Party members in Wales to have any say over who the leader should be.

And they don’t want Party members in Wales to have any say over who the candidates should be next time.

I wonder why they are so against these basic ideas of party democracy.


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