It was to be expected. The MSM and the rest of the establishment fixated exclusively on UKIP’s proposal to ban the burkha, disregarding everything else in the ‘Integration Agenda’ which the UKIP Leadership presented on April 24th.  Of course, it will come as no surprise that the establishment and MSM set the agenda for UKIP yet again.

As usual, facts don’t matter when it’s about UKIP. It is irrelevant that other EUropean countries (France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Austria) have already banned the burkha, it doesn’t matter that Ms Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, is doing just that as well. No – it’s only when UKIP proposes it that is is suddenly ‘toxic’, and you can bet your last penny that, should our dear PM Ms May propose it, it will be praised up and down the halls of Westminster and across the dinner tables of Quislington.

The questions TV journalists asked on that day were deplorable. I happened to watch the SKY interview with Peter Whittle, who held his own and patiently explained to that laydee in the TV studio that no, this was about our culture, where we show our faces when we interact with others. Well, a day later Ms Merkel used the same ‘toxic’ argument, but never mind that.

That journalist thought she was so clever when she asked would we the ban big floppy hats and sunglasses as well …is there now a new religion which demands every woman must wear big floppy hats and sunglasses, or else?

I heard that someone actually asked if UKIP would now also ban beekeepers’ outfits … hohoho, how very funny! It’s news to me that there’s a religion of beekeepers demanding that everybody must dress as they do so as not to offend …

I’ve just had a brilliant idea: why don’t we all wear Guido-Fawkes masks, everywhere, and declare it’s our new religion? We do have a ‘holy day’ already, don’t we! Why should the police and media object to that? After all, sauce is for both goose and gander, no?

But that first reaction of the MSM didn’t stop there. Worse was to come. They homed in on one individual – and our leaders caved in.

This is the background: branches were asked, nationally, to adopt candidates for the GE in hustings on Wednesday 26th April. Those candidates who had stood in 2015  and were thus vetted topped the list. Anne Marie Waters, whom many of us know, was adopted to stand in Lewisham East, as shown on ‘myukip’ (scroll down a bit). The next day – uproar in the usual establishment papers. The Guardian wrote:

“Ukip has been accused of “grubbing around in the gutter” for votes after the party selected a parliamentary candidate who has described Islam as evil. Anne Marie Waters, an activist from the anti-Islam Pegida movement, has also praised the far-right leaders Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders.”

You need to read the whole thing to get the full flavour of this attack, even unto ‘a MEP is worried’, to find this gem:

“The decision was also condemned by the leaders of the Liberal Democrats and Greens, who said Waters’ selection showed Ukip was embracing hard-right politics in an attempt to gather votes in the wake of the EU referendum.”

On Friday 28th of April, we hear from various sources (e.g. here and even here – scroll to the bottom) that Paul Nuttall at the launch of the UKIP Election Campaign was ‘unhappy’ about this selection and that the NEC would look at it. That same evening, I received an email on the NEC decision: 

 — quote removed —

[Ed: I received an email from UKIP Legal a very short while ago, which is of course ‘confidential and not for publication, so I cannot quote from it. In that email I was asked to remove the quote from the email I had received because some members of the NEC deemed it incorrect and potentially libellous, otherwise one person would have to think about ‘potential legal action’. Note well that none of the NEC members complaining saw fit to comment here, clarify their position or state that they deemed the email quote to be incorrect. Note especially that this distracts from debating their decision to bar Anne Marie Waters from standing]

[Ed: Removing the quote was not sufficient for UKIP Legal, who got in touch with me again, after 8 p.m. on this day. I therefore, on his suggestion, quote Mr Adam Richardson, UKIP Legal:  “I was present at the meeting and I am happy for you to quote me as saying he (Peter Whittle) did not do what was alleged.” I refrain from commenting on this extraordinary saga, except for noting again that we have been sidetracked from debating what is the real issue.]

So here we are – again! Appeasing the establishment and the MSM by barring the one UKIP member who has done more to inform us members on sharia law and the dangers of islam than anyone else!

Tim Farron (Libdem) and Caroline Lucas (Greens) set the agenda, rattling even a nameless MEP, so our Leaders then interfere with the selection of branch members for no other reason than hoping to keep the ‘wolves’ quiet. Here’s a thought: why don’t we let Farron, Lucas, Corbyn, the MSM and the hating non-hopers write our manifesto? That would keep them quiet, right?

The points made in the Integration Agenda? Irrelevant, because: UKIP! UKIP must be attacked, in the MSM and by the ‘Hate and don’t hope’ and other leftwing hooligans because no-one must be allowed to criticise islam and the practices of that system which have infiltrated our public lives and politics, from burkhas to FGM to postal voting fraud.

Oh, let’s not get sidetracked by those reasonable demands, say the establishment MSM! Let’s only look at the ‘toxic’ burkha ban. Let’s overlook the one underlying cause making these demands necessary: islam and the creeping islamification of our country …

Instead, they attack one individual, and only four days after presenting the Integration Agenda to great acclaim amongst ordinary members, that individual, Anne Marie Waters, was thrown to the establishment wolves by our oh-so-courageous leaders. It doesn’t bode well for the rest of us, does it – who will be the next amongst us to be thrown to the lefty establishment wolves? 

Our leaders had this one chance to show that they meant what they said in that Integration Agenda, that they were standing with all of us members who applauded that agenda. Instead, their behaviour shows that they are disloyal cowards who run away at the first shot fired by the usual suspects. That is no way of winning even one seat in Parliament. That is not ‘being radical because UKIP is radical or it is nothing’!

But then again, we really mustn’t talk about that because, as someone so inelegantly put it, this is just a ‘rancid obsession with islam’ and has nothing to do with ‘real issues’.

Once all men have to sport beards and all women are forced to dress ‘modestly’, hidden under black bags, we might perhaps come back and pathetically obsess about this so-called religion … oh wait: it might be too late by then, mightn’t it …

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