It may have not have escaped your notice that something strange is going on. We appear to be inundated with news stories of boys being dressed as girl by their parents, companies vowing to sell only gender neutral toy, and ministers complaining that parents who instilling gender to girls are apparently “holding back the economy”.

This is no coincidence. These are the opening shots of a gender war which has been in planning for over two decades. I don’t mean a war pitting women against men, do not make the mistake of underestimating the fundamental lunacy of the aggressors. This is an attempt to reform and reshape what is defined as male and female through what is called ‘Gender Mainstreaming’. Let me explain.

This war began in 1995 at the UN’s Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing with the introduction of Gender Mainstreaming as a policy goal.  This was followed up on the 21 February 1996 by the EU commission issuing a communication which in effect was their own official declaration of war against the family.

Since this date, there have been numerous reports and plans conducted by both the UN and EU. These appear to have culminated on 1 May 1999 with the Treaty of Amsterdam, in which a binding legal basis for the strategy of Gender Mainstreaming at EU level was introduced by an amendment to article 3 of the Treaty of Maasstricht 1992.

The amendment (see page 23) states that

“In all the activities referred to in this Article, the Community shall aim to eliminate inequalities, and to promote equality, between men and women”

This is complemented by an amendment to article 2 of the Treaty of Maastricht 1992, which states

“The Community shall have as its task, by establishing a common market and an economic and monetary union and by implementing common policies or activities referred to in Articles 3 and 4, to promote throughout the Community”

Now we have clarified who is implementing Gender Mainstreaming let’s have a look at what it actually is.

According to a 1998 Council of Europe Report it is

“the (re)organisation, improvement, development and evaluation of policy processes. Gender mainstreaming is a political process as well as a technical one. It involves new ways of devising and approaching policies, shifts in organisational or in institutional culture and will lead to changes in societal structures.”

What does that mean in normal language?

It  means the UN and the EU will design a number of policies which will be passed to the government of the UK who will use them to try and change the very meaning of what constitutes a ‘male’ person and a ‘female’ person.

They will introduce policies that attack the very structures of society and in particular – the family structure.

They will change what ‘father’, ‘mother’, ‘son’ and ‘daughter’ mean.

In Gender Mainstreaming this is referred to as ‘transformation’, in which there are new standards for everyone replacing the segregated institutions and standards associated with masculinity and femininity.

In other words, in the future there will be no men and women, if these people get their way. Only ‘neutrals’. Their overall aim is social engineering to create “new” people comprising of gender neutral characteristics.

So what are the tactics that they are using?

In this 1998 report, (which praises Central and Eastern European countries, ie, the soviet regime’s, former achievements in the field of gender equality), there is a chilling summary of how Gender Mainstreaming will be implemented. The main front will be education, which, according to the report

“is a key target for gender equality as it involves the ways in which societies transfer norms, knowledge and skills. It is crucial that the education systems and all elements of these systems (teachers, schools, textbooks, research institutes and so on) empower both girls and boys, and take care in counterbalancing the existing gender hierarchies. Media professionals can be a target here too, as they have a very powerful position in the transfer and consolidation of norms and knowledge.”

Translated into non jargon, this means two things, 1) they will target children in the schools, and 2) they will target adults through compliant journalists, newspapers and TV.

Looking around Europe, we can see that this has already begun.

In France, the socialist government has introduced ‘Gender Equality’ as part of Gender Mainstreaming in schools, which involves teaching children of ‘other possible genders‘, in what can only be described as ideological indoctrination.

And in Poland, ‘gender workshops’ have been introduced in pro-equality nurseries and schools to teach infants and toddlers of alternatives to heterosexual relationships.

In the UK, this clear propaganda regarding gender deconstructing will likely take the form of initially concentrating on economics. The case for “de-gendering” people will be focus on the claim to improve the competitiveness of the economy. The Liberal Democrats in government appear to have begun implementing this with the recent statement that limiting children’s play to gender specific toys will impact our economy – a statement supported by the Labour opposition.

The majority of the media appears to be complicit in implementing a softening up campaign for societal and family assault, and questions should be urgently raised as to how the government, media and supranational organisations like the EU and UN have created what appears to be a back room agreement on Gender Mainstreaming.

At the last check, The Telegraph, The BBC, The Guardian, and the Independent appear to be on board with the policy, and I am sure many other media outlets will be as well. These media outlets appear to be functioning as the ‘media professionals’ referred to in the 1998 report.

A serious review of articles which are in line with Gender Mainstreaming is needed to analyse exactly how this apparent complicity is formed and operated. I would presume that it is via making contact with compliant editors who then direct their requests for articles in the required manner.

In effect, they are operating a confidence trick to try and convince people that this push to eliminate male and female genders is widely supported. I expect think tank surveys to soon be produced to back up this push, which will be conducted using leading questions and suspect statistical analysis.

Having seen the response to the widespread protests over Gender Mainstreaming in France, it is clear that when it is implemented in full force in the UK, anyone opposed will be labelled as associated with the far right and as homophobic, and they will face sanctions if they remove children from schools implementing gender deconstruction.

Businesses, or more precisely corporations, will also be structures through which Gender Mainstreaming will be pushed, and acquiescence will be forced through the threat of fines, and through high visibility activist pressure groups, especially coordinated through Twitter, Facebook and other media activism. Other corporations such as Facebook will implement it willingly  through what must be questionable adherence and promotion of political ideology by a business structure.

Make no mistake, the gender war is here, and it’s a media, corporation, Government, EU, UN and activist led assault on society and the family; which they have no right to do. You have been warned.


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