A brand new youth movement has launched its latest branch – in the UK.

Generation Identity describes itself as a ‘Europe-wide patriotic youth movement that promotes the values of homeland, freedom and tradition through peaceful activism, political and community, and cultural activities’.

‘We want to create an awareness for a metapolitical patriotic value base,’ says its website:

‘The crucial questions of the 21st century will be asked in the field of identity politics. Accordingly, we, as patriotic Europeans, have to acknowledge that the current demographic situation is unfavourable for the indigenous population and that we expect many ethnic, cultural and religious conflicts unless there is a political rethink.’

Headed up by Martin Sellner and Robert Timm, the group aims

‘to preserve the cultural heritage that has characterised our countries and the continent of Europe over many thousands of years. We do not want to break this chain. That is why we see it as our mission to argue for a peaceful and secure future within Europe. We continue along the path forged by the ethno-cultural tradition of our ancestors.’

Gobble-de-gook to some people but the site elucidates:

‘We are a non-violent youth movement that highlights the need for open and honest public debate about immigration policies, identity and the future of our nations and of Europe.’

Its stated three-core aims are to:

  • Stop the Islamisation of Europe
  • Oppose globalisation
  • Stop and reverse the Great Replacement’

‘Great Replacement’?  What does that mean?

‘The Great Replacement describes the process by which the indigenous European population is replaced by non-European migrants,’ says the group.  ‘We are facing a demographic crisis across Europe where our peoples are becoming a minority in their own countries. Declining birth rates, mass immigration and the sharp increase in Islamic parallel societies will lead to the almost complete destruction of European societies within a matter of decades if no countermeasures are taken.’                                    

It describes a ‘fatal blindness among politicians and the media to future consequences if the current policies of open borders continue’. –  ‘Experts predict a migration wave of up to one billion people from Africa and Asia to Europe over the coming decades.’                                                                

and it goes on to urge readers to ‘learn more about our movement’.

Generation Identity claims it does not provide a platform for any kind of national-socialist or fascist groups or views and refuses to get involved with conflicts outside Europe.

It’s symbol is the Greek letter lambda which, it claims, was used by the Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae in 480BC:  ‘Led by King Leonidas of Sparta, the Greek forces were vastly outnumbered, over 21 to one by a massive Persian army.’ As a reminder to non-historians, the site continues:

‘The Greeks held off the Persians for seven days before their rear-guard was annihilated in one of history’s most famous last stands.‘After the second day, a local resident named Ephialtes betrayed the Greeks by revealing a small path that led behind the Greek lines. Leonidas, aware that his force was being outflanked, dismissed the bulk of the Greek army and remained to guard their retreat with 300 Spartans, 700 Thespians, and 400 Thebans, fighting to the death.Both ancient and modern writers have used the Battle of Thermopylae as an example of the power of a patriotic army defending its native soil.’

The lambda circle can also be seen as a shield. Apparently, the top of the arrow stands for the metapolitical centre that the group is trying to conquer, with the identitarian movement as the spearhead.

Meta-politics?  That’s another term of which I have never heard.

 ‘Generation Identity emphasises that we operate in the realm of ‘meta-politics’. We believe that political change is not only possible in parliament and in party politics, but also in cultural activities, public debates, the media, and on the streets. We therefore act in a kind of ‘pre-political space’ which determines discourse and thus serves as the basis for direct and concrete political decisions.We aim to influence public opinion in a peaceful and democratic way and thus serve as an impetus for the electoral decisions, political awareness and cultural activity of our people.’

One of the group’s latest events has been to position 100 activists in the Alps at the Col de l’Eschelles in an attempt to stop illegal immigrants crossing into Europe, and it has now launched a UK branch.

And yet another term it uses – Reconquista:

“The term Reconquista (“reconquest”) is based on the historical event of the Visigothic kingdoms successors’ gradually recapturing the Iberian Peninsula, which had been held by Muslim conquerors. Today, while we may not be facing an immediate military confrontation, the threat is one of self-destruction through a multicultural zeitgeist. Our fight is therefore a war of words, ideas and politics.

‘We, Generation Identity, want to reconquer the social discourse which have been dominated by a left-wing hegemony. We are a loud patriotic voice that shows its face; one that is creating new pathways for the values of tradition and national pride. Love for our own and an awareness of our ethno-cultural identity are matters we should take for granted and of which we should not feel ashamed. We want patriotism to become an important value for society.

‘We also believe in true freedom of expression so that these important issues will have a place in the public discourse. These are our demands and for this cause we go on the streets every day to form a phalanx for the Reconquista.’

Is this just another nationalistic group?  No, says the site:

‘Our criticism and political actions are not directed against immigrants and refugees as individuals or groups. The pull factors of the migration movements to Europe are largely caused by the political and social elites’ fatal incentive policies, as they, directly or indirectly, push the ideologically-driven and fraudulent multicultural experiment.

‘Our protest is therefore directed at the centres of decision-making and influence that continue to push this ‘asylum’ insanity ever further though misleading and false politics. The phenomena of mass immigration and Islamisation are tendencies of a systemic development observed throughout Europe for a number of years. Our focus is primarily directed towards this ideological inclination for self-abolition.

‘We do not lapse into simplistic protest against immigrants themselves. For us, alongside criticising current politics, it is also important to rebuild a self-confident relationship with our own ethno-cultural identity and to emphasise our ‘own’ without falling into xenophobic reflexes.’

I have to say this group is not for simple minds such as mine, but I’m sure it will appeal to the intelligentsia.


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