Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab unilaterally surrenders the British medicine industry to the EU


In his press conference introducing the government’s so-called no-deal preparation plan for Brexit, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab revealed that the UK will unilaterally accept medicines imported from the EU passed by EU member nations. The EU is under no obligation to reciprocate, and by announcing this position, Mr Raab is severely undermining Britain’s position. What other industries will this government unilaterally surrender to the EU?

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said:

“I listened with interest to Dominic Raab’s press conference about the documents to be released on a ‘no deal’ scenario. One thing which stood out is the unilateral surrender of the UK’s medicine industry to the EU. Raab said that we will accept any medicine that they produce without a reciprocal arrangement. He should have said that we are willing to do this if they are willing to reciprocate. It’s all very well Mr Raab using UKIP sounding rhetoric, but to make Brexit work you actually have to believe in it.

“In the immediate future this will not be an issue since having been members of the EU for 45 years, all areas of our industry are in compliance with existing EU regulations. However in the mid to long-term HM Government is in a strong position to agree mutually beneficial arrangements since the UK is a major customer of EU-based businesses. 

“Why can’t HM Government ministers be stronger in their defence of British interests and rightly optimistic about Britain’s future when we free ourselves from EU domination? This situation isn’t helped by the relentless propaganda campaign in the mainstream media to undermine Brexit.”

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