This is the response by Gerard Batten, leader of UKIP, to the proposed articles for a constitution for UKIP Wales (published here):


“The Welsh ‘Grassroots Movement’ has no authority to propose or devise a UKIP Constitution for Wales. 

The Party Chairman and I sanctioned a Welsh Committee on the basis that it would concern itself purely with helping in practical matters such as the organisation of branches, the identification of council election and Westminster parliamentary candidates and the raising of funds. It has no authority to do anything else. 

Next week I will be visiting Wales to meet with the UKIP Assembly Members, including the UKIP political leader in Wales. I will tell them my plans for UKIP going forward and I expect them to tell me their plans for UKIP in Wales in accordance with our Constitution and Manifesto.

My message will be: there is no longer any time or effort to waste on infighting or jockeying for position. Either get behind the Party or get out. 

I expect UKIP Wales to prepare itself for the next election in Wales in whatever form that may come.”



[Please also read the Open Letter by the Brach Secretary of UKIP Cardiff & District]

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