Gerard Batten wrote the following  Open Letter to Jonathan Arnott yesterday on Arnott’s resignation (which we reported here on UKIP Daily):

Open Letter


Dear Jonathan,

I was surprised to get your email of resignation from the Party.

It is too late now for me to try and persuade you to remain and hold your post during the stormy weather, you have made your decision, which is regrettable.

However, I am astounded that you, while you resign from UKIP,  say you are not resigning from the EFDD Group.  This makes no sense.

You will recall that when you became a UKIP MEP we all signed an undertaking that said we would:

“Remain a member of UKIP throughout their Parliamentary term of office and resign their seat in the Parliament if they:

  • Cease to be a member fo the Party (UKIP)
  • Resign the Whip
  • Unable to follow the policies of the Party.”

If you are resigning from UKIP then you should also resign as an MEP. You hold your seat because UKIP activists and members put you there.

I have always respected you and considered you to be an honourable man, and thought of you as a loyal Party member.

The only honourable course of action for you now is to resign your seat and allow the next person on the Party List who does still believe in UKIP to take it up.

 For you to leave UKIP yet remain in as an MEP, and take the salary and the €300 a day expenses, would be contemptible.

 Please either reconsider your decision and remain in UKIP, or resign your seat entirely.

Yours sincerely,

Gerard Batten

Member of the European Parliament for London

UK Independence Party



Gerard Batten will be on BBC Breakfast tomorrow (Sunday) morning

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