Here’s a few EU facts and figures for you to casually drop in during conversations, anywhere, on the doorstep, in the pub, chatting to neighbours. They’re all solid facts, indisputable, supporting UKIP’s case for us to be elected so we can run our own country, not hand it over to a bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels.

  • In calendar year 2012 the UK Gross Contribution hit a new record of £ 20.01bn, equivalent to £55 million every day.  The UK Net Contribution was £12.2bn.
  • 100% of Britain’s economy is subject to the EU’s regulatory burdens and costs, but less than 15% of GDP relates to trade with the EU.
  • The EU’s accounts have not been signed off by the European Court of Auditors for 19 years in a row.
  • Germany exported almost half a million (474,000) more cars to the UK in 2011 than she imported from the UK, exporting 3.7 times as many cars to the UK than she imported from the UK.  It’s not in Germany’s interest to see tariff’s go up on German cars when we leave the EU – there will be a free trade deal.
  • In September 2013 the overall trade in goods balance with the EU reached a record deficit of £6.0 billion.  They sell so much more to us than we do to them.Little Boy of Brussels
  • Professor Tim Congdon has calculated in his 2013 Costs of the EU to be 11% of GDP, roughly £170bn to the whole economy.  This includes:
    • Direct Fiscal cost of the EU 1.25% of GDP.
    • Cost of Regulation 5.5% of GDP.
    • Cost of misallocating EU resources/grants etc 3.25% of GDP.
    • The EU spends £2bn on advertising, more than Coca Cola did in 2008.
    • The EU lost £1.2bn of foreign aid last year
    • The Common Fisheries Policy has cost the UK economy £2.8bn.  In 1970, there were 21,443 fishermen in the UK, about one in seven working part time. As of 2008, there were 12,700.
    • The EU Large Combustion Plant Directive is forcing the closure of a third of our coal and oil fired power stations in 2015.
    • The Government admits its policies (and the EU) add 14% to energy bills.
    • MEPs earn 740% more than the average EU citizen.  In the UK it’s 695% more.
    • Baroness Ashton’s EU External Action Service was set up with a £5.8m budget, employing over 7,000 people.
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