Fact:  Fracking is not new.

Fact:  Two million wells have been fracked worldwide.

Fact:  Two hundred have been fracked in the UK.

Fact:  Caudrilla never admitted to causing the minor earth tremors. Their statement was:  ‘They probably caused the two small earth tremors’.  Probably is not a fact and cannot be used a proof of an event. It could well have been phrased that way to shut down the medi and the inevitable conspiracy theories if they had said nothing, or gave an outright denial.

Fact:  Great Britain suffers about 300 minor earth tremors every year, with a larger one about every four years. So can we be sure these were not natural tremors?

Fact: Despite alarmist statements no babies have been still born or suffered birth defects which are attributable to fracking. No water tables have been irreparably poisoned by fracking.

Fact: Leakage of methane from drill sites is negligible and would not be sustained because the objective of drilling is to sell the gas, not vent it to the atmosphere. Of course methane is ever present in our atmosphere, it bubbles up in marshy places and swamps all over the world. It has done this for millions of years, it is known by various names such as “Marsh Gas”, “Swamp gas”,  and “wil o the wisp”,  and in mines it is known as “fire damp”. Gas pockets are often penetrated accidentally when water wells are constructed.

Fact:  Physical industrial accidents apart, nobody has been killed by Shale gas.

Fact:  The owners of Shale exploration companies and their operatives are people, too. They have wives and husbands, they have children, and grandchildren and uncles and aunts, parents and grand parents and nieces and nephews, and just plain friends. In other words they are the same as anybody else, thus not likely to wish to kill their families and friends.

Fact:  There are bound to be some minor events as a result of fracking, there is always some risk in any industrial enterprise. Certainly not on the scale of coal mining in the past. Any danger will be  small and local.

Fact:  Shale gas is not a game changer in the UK ? Prior to the development of Shale gas, America used to import 25% of all of the oil produced throughout the world. When Shale gas was exploited in America, their requirement for overseas oil plummeted, causing a glut of oil on the world markets which halved the price of petrol. Just your car alone costs up to £30 a month less to run, and there have been other spin-offs, too.

Fact:  Burning of fossil fuels increases green house gasses and leads to global warming? Shale gas however is less polluting than petroleum and can be used to fuel cars.

Fact:  Global warming will cause coastal flooding? It is regrettable that Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, seem to imagine that there is an OPTIMUM climate for the earth. There is not, and there never has been. In the past 750,000 years, Great Britain has suffered four major ice ages, some of which lasted more than 100,000 years. The last one ended just a scant 11,000 years ago. So it is clear that the Earth naturally cycles between warm and cold.


As the world warms up after each ice age, huge areas of land  in places such as Greenland, North Canada,massive areas of Northern Siberia, and islands near to the South pole will become newly productive of prolific plant matter. These plants need CO2, which   they convert to sugars, and oxygen. Therefore,  they will be extracting CO2 from the atmosphere in increasing amounts leading  to CO2 depletion and  a reversal of the global warming process. So the world cools down again… Natural cycling springs to mind!

The Optimum temperature.

To which temperature would Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth wish the world to be pegged? At 1,000,000 years ago, 250,000 years ago, 5000 years ago, 10 years ago, last week? There is also a strong theory that the Sun, itself, cycles a little between maximum and minimum output, so they would have to factor that in,too.

Fact:  With respect to coastal flooding, Great Britain has been largely submerged many times in its history; visit any chalk pit, or limestone quarry, to see the evidence first hand!

Fact:  We can preserve things as they are today? That is poppycock! It  would require heavenly powers that are not readily available to focus groups.

Fact:  Because of the movements of the tectonic plates, Great Britain and Scandinavia are being thrust North East, with its axis somewhere in Russia.

Fact: In another 5,000,000 years, give or take a couple of seconds, Great Britain will be very near the North Pole and somewhere North of where Moscow is today. Eventually it will complete its long voyage to around about where Japan is today, where it may even be sub-ducted beneath the Pacific plate, to be spewed out as lava in various parts of the world, to create new islands. During that time the world will have experienced several dozen ice ages and rewarming  periods.

Fact:  Despite Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and Frackfree’s determinations  as to how “they alone can save the globe and humanity”,  I am afraid that they cannot, ask any Dinosaur!

Parliamentary petition

Far too much attention has been given by the to apparently “self supporting” protestors against fracking, who are able to pitch their tents for weeks on end at fracking sites. So often the cameras are focused on a small area, giving an impression of a dense ranks of protestors, but zoom out and they are often heavily outnumbered by the police!

The country is going through a very difficult period and paying other countries for their gas affects the nation’s  balance of payments, so why would we wish to do that when gas is right under our feet.

If Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are really that convinced that they can stop global warming and ice-ages too, then why not work with the Government to siphon off some of the profits from Shale gas into renewable energy projects. Within the space of 50 to 60 years they could well have achieved their objective, but they should also be advised that control of the Solar System, requires powers that are, let us say, better discussed in Church!

Please sign the petition here.


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