Over this, what was once called “The West”, appears to be in complete disarray.

The first step in formulating a national foreign policy is to define what we consider to be the greatest external threat to the country. And then focus a lot of attention and resources on neutralising that threat.

We also have to think about what alliances we need to make to counter the major threat. For example, eighty years ago, the major threat came from the axis powers, Germany, Italy and Japan, and their Nazi-Fascist governments and anti-democratic ideology. They waged open warfare, and Britain, supported at once by our natural allies in the Dominions and the Empire, allied first with France, and then with the USA and the USSR – yes, Stalin’s USSR – to defeat them.

At present the West seems to be very confused on this issue.

Some say the major threat is from a resurgent Russia.

Others look on the rise of China as the major source of concern.

Some, on the left, but not only, consider the USA’s hegemony to be the biggest source of trouble in the world. Or see “international finance capital” as the fount of all evil …

And some consider the most immediate, and the most serious, threat to come from militant Islam.

In my view the latter is the major threat, the most aggressive, and with the greatest potential. Of course it is also a matter for domestic policy, since there are numbers of Islamist terrorists already living in our midst – since the July 7th bombings of 2005, many other atrocities have been averted only thanks to effective police work.

As regards a foreign policy to deal with Islamist terrorism, what moves should we make? Western boots on the ground in the Middle East and North Africa, or not? Ally ourselves with Assad, Al-Sisi, indeed with Putin, or not? Ally ourselves with the Shiites in Islam against the Sunnis? What to do about Saudi Arabia and its Wahhabites funding preachers of hatred, providing militants and and at the same time posing as friends of the West and selling us their oil, for so many years now?

When and if we win the referendum, Cameron will surely have to resign. The Tory and Labour parties ought to split and may well do so. There should be a major realignment in British politics, the next general election should see a Withdrawalist Party, where UKIPpers and anti-EU Tories and Labourites would stand under the same banner. We will need a full array of policies, including a complete and well thought-out foreign policy, to govern a newly independent Britain, and steer the country through the troubled waters of tomorrow’s world.

Photo by Arenamontanus

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