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‘One World Government’ or ‘New World Order’ are commonisms in the world today among conspiracy buffs and the so called ‘ruling class’. Or should it be ‘Communisms’? One can always sing ‘Kumbaya’ to teach the world to sing … or more likely scream.

What do these terms and ‘visions’ mean? A world without borders and nations but a world where we all live in perfect harmony? Anybody still capable of real thought and analysis would see the ridiculousness of such ideas. The global wolves are not going to lie down any time soon with the lobotomised sheep that now pass for the masses. Trying to force the lobotomised to do so by imposing a globalist ideology through supposed ‘hate crime’ isn’t going to work either.

Clement Attlee was offered a chance to become part of the ‘New Europe’ during his tenure as British Prime Minister and stated: “Doesn’t sound very nice to me actually. I am only interested in Britain, thank you!” Attlee was a patriot and supported the monarchy.

Modern ‘Nu’ Labour is a different matter. As I have stated along with others like Peter Hitchens, Blair and his Third Way crew were far more radical than Jeremy Corbyn and indeed a greater threat to our continued existence than ‘Jezza’. Look at the facts and the current state of our land all Blair’s doing. He, like Cameron and now May, were and are globalists fixated, even obsessed with a one world Soviet.

I think they are becoming desperate nowadays. Their early plans are failing, as they will due to the megalomaniac schemes they pursue in their dreams which cannot work because of false premises and assumptions in the first place. Global currencies do not work either the Euro is doomed as Italy and Spain start to collapse, as Greece already has. It will not be long either. Money needs borders and culture to give value and worth to it.

Mind you, that didn’t stop the former USSR from operating for nearly 70 years with a collapsed currency and a failed state. The Soviet Union was a failed state long before 1992. Perhaps a better name for the USSR should have been the ‘United Soviet Socialist Oxymoron’. The EU is now fast heading for ‘oxymoronhood’.

The more thoughtful among the globalist cabal know it has failed. Perhaps this was their intention?

What do they have to replace it? Like the former Soviets they will need to tyrannise the populations to accept whatever it is they seek to glue together the breakaway groups now apparent to all but the most stupid. Those like ‘Social Justice Warriors’, ‘Antifa’, and the rest of the feely-touchy ‘Kumbaya singing’ brigades. This is why they have aligned themselves with Islam. I call it the Red-Green Alliance.

What do the so called ‘elite’ think this will achieve? A ‘global kalifate’. Like the other globalist dreams it will fail. Islam is divided against itself  even more than the nations of the world. War is a common event at all social levels of kinship and sectarian forms to be found within Islam. There is sunni versus shia but within that simplistic view, there are 73 recognised versions of Islam but even within that there are too many to count. The religion of Islam, like its founders is divided against itself.

If the elite think to impose Wahabism on the whole of the globe as well as Islam, it will be the Moslems who will rise against it. Sectarianism is rife in Christianity too the former RC Church settled its differences through dialogue. This will not work with Wahabism. Far from producing a ‘global kalifate’, it will continue to war within itself, even within Wahabism. For an example look at Libya or Syria. While the Moslem Brotherhood may be hollowing out the West with the aid of globalists, when left to itself it descends into anarchy. Money also plays its part in embedded chaos; jihadis are rather mercenary forces, hardly known for their loyalty.

The Westphalian System from 1648 has held Europe and the West together for nigh on 350 years with a practical ‘Agree to disagree’ philosophy. This is what has kept the peace until Hitler and the globalists came along. Even the USSR recognised the system was the only workable example.

While the globalists dream of ‘regions’ and a mongrel style population divided against itself but kept tyrannised by huge forces of police and military, the social and financial costs would be and are unsustainable and will simply end like all the rest have in total chaos and collapse into the dustbins of history and archaeology. It doesn’t work.

We have the first results of these ridiculous ambitions on our streets across the West. Look at the growing evolving intolerance and violence of the failing globalists and their ‘useful idiot’ flunkies. They are even threatening opposing politicians with anthrax or cutting their heads off. Is that the glorious ‘Stability and Strength’ promised by Dear Leader Theresa May then, as anarchy threatens our streets?

The Moslems are incapable of ‘rising up’ by the way. And why should they resort to such methods when demographics will go some way to realise their dreams? There will not be mass riots if the proper law is applied. Look at the way the police and intelligence rounded up the suspects after recent events? No mob riots ensued. Nor will they. For one reason there are not enough and even if there were, most are indolent and like the rest of us want a quiet life.

An Islamic Britain will only be possible through default and demography but will resemble more a western Pakistan than Syria. The multicultural authorities are using the inherent violence within Islamic society to push their agenda to eradicate the nation-state. Once the support of the ‘PC ‘multiculturalists is gone, the Moslem ‘threat’ will evaporate too.

All that will survive is a balkanised state in constant flux of ideological chaos and sectarianism. Absolute madness.

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