UKIP Dartford’s leading lady, Elizabeth Jones, has issued a stern rebuke to Labour’s chief feminist Harriet Harman whose pink ‘Woman To Woman’ election bus was controversially launched recently.

Elizabeth, who is standing to be the town’s MP for UKIP at the May General Election, and no stranger herself to commanding election vehicles, joined the general hue and cry from women across Britain against the Harman pink bus.

“It’s patronising,it’s twee, and it’s demeaning,” said Ms Jones, pictured driving UKIP’s taxicab on the election stump. “Pay equality is indeed amongst working women ‘s top issues but Ms Harman and her Labour Party have dismally failed women on that very issue. They should put their bus back in the garage and hand in the keys – over the case for equal pay brought by women workers of Birmingham City Council,which Labour fought against and lost in the Supreme Court not long ago,” she said.

“That Labour Council has had to sell the Birmingham NEC to part-pay compensation estimated at £1 billion, which was swindled out of women’s pay packets for many years.”

Furthermore Elizabeth, a family solicitor, rounded on the Labour Deputy Leader for trying to label UKIP supporters as sexist. “Harriet has got some front, hasn’t she – the biggest Council in Britain, run by Labour for decades, refuses to pay women a fair and equal wage – that’s what I call “sexist”. Perhaps Labour’s 2015 slogan ‘Hardworking Britain better off’ really means ‘Hardworking women worse off’,” said UKIP candidate Ms Jones.

We have also received a reader’s letter on this subject:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Seeing Harriet Harperson’s Barbie bus which is supposed to encourage women who are ‘disillusioned by politics’, reminds me of the number of times she stated, after each Labour By-Election failure, ‘Now we’re really going to listen’, then cocked a deaf un’.

We’re ALL disillusioned with politics, male and female, because we have an elected dictatorship of career politicians not interested in us, or our opinions, having the bulk of their work done by bureaucrats in the EU! Telling us they need to get THEIR message across and that we need to follow THEM. There’s some confusion over whose the servant and who is the master in this alleged democracy!

So with a National Debt Equivalent to £22,000 for each man, woman and child, Hundreds of billions in Waste, millions of immigrants in our tiny country flooding services, our defences being reduced and all the other nonsense turning our once proud land into something we no longer recognise, yes, we’re all disillusioned Ms Harperson and if you think a pink bus is the answer, then it just shows where our REAL problem lies!!!

Yours faithfully,

Phil Granger

West Malling, Kent

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