Over the years, God has been showing us that when it comes to the weather on earth, HE  —  and not even a President of the United States – is in charge.  And He’s been making quite a joke of our pathetic attempts to deal with what man calls ‘Global Warming’ or whatever is the current term.

At the beginning of September (2015) just as President Obama headed for Alaska to announce his initiatives to help remote Arctic communities deal with all the extra snow and lower temperatures expected in the future,BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING, rather embarrassingly, America’s northern-most State was ALREADY about to experience colder than normal weather and there was even a forecast for summer snow.

This kind of thing has happened many times over the past few decades during solemn discussions by world leaders on what is thought to be the overheating of our planet due to man’s developing technology and what they termed ‘Greenhouse Gases’, especially the CO2 from fossil fuels.

‘We have to stop the Global Warming’, they cry, ‘the Arctic Ice will have gone by 2012, 2013 [it didn’t]!’ The sea levels will rise, we’ll drown!’ [They didn’t and we haven’t.]  The Powers That Be decided that unless we all gave up the use of coal and oil and used renewable energy such as wind farms there would be runaway Global Warming.  [There isn’t.]  In 2007 the UN predicted that ‘We had as little as eight years left to avoid a dangerous global average temperature rise of 2C or more’  [It didn’t happen.]    And we’d all die. [We haven’t.]   But that hasn’t stopped yet more apocalyptic predictions.

And God has been having a field day!

Al Gore, the US Vice President under President Clinton from 1993 to 2001, became one of the world’s foremost environmental activists with his documentary film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and its message of man’s deliberate devastation of the earth.

But there was an inconvenient truth for Al Gore when, during the global-warming talks he gave in both NewYork and Boston in January 2004, both cities were hit by the coldest temperatures for nearly fifty years.

And, what became known as The Gore Effect, happened again and again…

When Al Gore visited Australasia with his film in October 2006,which is  late spring in that region, New Zealand farmers reported an unusually cold spell that left Southland dairy farmers struggling.   When he moved on to Australia a month later the Gore Effect struck again.   It snowed in Queensland in November for the first time in at least 65 years.

And in October 2008 Al Gore’s global warming speech at Harvard University coincided with near 125 year record-breaking low temperatures.

In December 2008 when he visited Milan in Italy to give his usual speech, outside the building it was snowing hard, a very rare event there in early winter.   Nor did the Effect give up as he toured the country.  On the Alps, snow had already reached records heights, unparalleled in the last decades.  It was also snowing in Rome, Naples and Palermo, and  Cicily  —  which is more or less at the same latitude as Florida  —  was under slight snow and freezing rain when he arrived.

When Al Gore testified about global warming before the US Senate Committee in January 2009 the local schools were closed due to heavy snowfalls.

But he proved that he could produce the Effect in his home country even if he was speaking on his favourite subject anywhere in the world.   In December 2007, while attending a Global Warming Conference in Bali (where, of course, it never snows), back in the US there were record ice storms in the Mid West, up to 18 inches of snow in the Northeast, and Maine tied a 117-year record for snow.

Later, God had fun with anything to do with Global Warming.

On 29th October in 2008, po-faced Members of Parliament passed the third reading of the Climate Change Act, which committed Britain to spend vast amounts of tax-payers’ money in reducing Britain’s carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent by 2050.

Outside of the House of Commons’ windows, God turned the snow on.

A year later, in 2009 the recently-elected US President, Barack Obama, already more Gore-than-Gore, attended a Conference on Climate Change (by now, with little in the way of Global Warming, the name had been changed) in Copenhagen.   This took place in December.   And, yes, world leaders including President Obama, flew in to face freezing weather as a blizzard dumped inches of snow on the Danish Capital.  All very embarrassing!   Even more so for the President was the fact that, back across the Atlantic, a major storm (a snow storm —  but that wasn’t mentioned) hit the east coast of the US, forcing him to leave the Conference early.   He returned home to land in thick snow.

It was the same during the Climate Change Conference of November 2010 in Cancun, Mexico.   While inside the conference building the delegates (including President Obama) gravely discussed how to prevent the planet’s temperatures from rising and killing the world’s population, the temperature outside plunged to a 100-year low of 54F.

President Obama also attended a UN Conference on Sustainable Development (the latest buzz-words) which was held in Rio De Janeiro during the summer of 2012 and, perhaps as a publicity stunt to show that an environmental religion was replacing Christianity, the famous 130 ft statue of ‘Christ the Redeemer’ was bathed in green light.

Possibly, this time, God was a bit cross, because for the three days of the Conference the statue was concealed under thick fog, heavy clouds and pouring rain.

This year (2015), another UN Climate Change Conference will be held in Paris and along with other world leaders, President Obama, by now the world’s greatest  anti-Global Warming campaigner, will be present.  As in Copenhagen, this Conference will again take place in December.  Just the right time for more snow.

Interesting…what will God have in mind for the Conference this time?

Stop Press: It might have been balmy in Doncaster and we’ll see what happens in Paris in December, but in Alaska right now, record snowfalls have been recorded today!

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