So – we won the EU Referendum.

Some have worked for years, nay, decades, like Nigel Farage and a number of UKIP members, to achieve this victory.

Some have worked for years, slogging away at the EU coalface: the UKIP MEPs. I may be biased, but to be fair, I’ll ask: has anyone represented by a Tory or Labour MEP ever received as much valid information about the Brussels shenanigans, as much reasoned and documented arguments for leaving as the UKIP MEPs provided?

Some have worked incessantly in any way they could to reach the normal people, the voters who have given Cameron a resounding NO on June 23rd. These are the grassroot activists who’ve manned stalls, leafleted everywhere until their boots dropped off, who debated in village halls and in shops and pubs, who talked and reasoned and argued.

These are the ones wot won it, not the posh Vote Leave organisers – even though many of us swallowed our hurt pride and stood with them for the sake of winning.

These are the ones without whom Cameron and the Remainians would indeed have won.

I’m not going to dissect the two campaigns, but I must point out that from the moment Vote Leave got the nod by the establishment people in the Electoral Commission, UKIP, and Grassroots Out swallowed their pride and went to work with them. Meanwhile, the MSM and the Tory ‘Leavers’ froze out Nigel Farage, UKIP, and anybody connected with them. They simply didn’t exis; the debates they took part in were not reported, their arguments weren’t heard in London.

Only twice did Nigel Farage suddenly become prominent in the MSM: at the Thames Flotilla event, gatecrashed by the boom town twat, and at the unveiling of the immigration poster. Both times he was denigrated and smeared as always. Well, you were there, you know what went on – and no, I won’t dignify the shroud-waving for “Saint Jo” with one more word.

So here we are, three days later and the Tory posh boys won’t have anything to do with Nigel Farage, never mind that without him they and we wouldn’t be where we are. But there’s worse …

In comment article after comment article in the MSM, analysing the result critically or benevolently, Nigel Farage is either not mentioned or if he’s mentioned at all, it is with the usual slurs and smears we’ve now come to know and expect. UKIP MEPs, by the way, don’t exist.

Now that Cameron has resigned, the Tory Leavers are pedalling back furiously. “No Brexit government,” says BoJo now. No role for Nigel Farage in the ‘negotiating team’, hints Gove. “We didn’t mean it,” says Hannan about controlling immigration.

They are protected by the MSM, so there are no critical reports about that. Nigel’s admission however that the NHS wouldn’t get the £350 million we save every week: omigawd! Never mind that he told the reporters that he got that argument from Vote Leavers – the establishment is now back to their normal modus operandum, which is in ancient Roman speech: “Farage esse delendam,” that is: Nigel Farage must be destroyed. The Left is back to labelling him and all OUT voters as racists – because wanting to leave the EU is racist, innit!

So what about the millions of voters voting OUT? The forgotten Old Labour voters can now be disregarded again by both sides. The disaffected Tory voters will be welcome back in the Tory fold. None of them matter now: there are leadership battles to be fought, there are troughs to be defended or newly found! Negotiations with Brussels take second place, and voters come a very distant last.

We’re back to where we started: the London establishment sees itself in the driving seat again. They can drag everything out, in Parliament and Whitehall. The resounding ‘Vote Leave’ argument by the Tories, that it’s about democracy, sounds hollow and insincere.

Did the stupid people, the ignorant voters really think democracy mattered? Not for the establishment! Not for BoJo, Gove, Hannan … and not for all those writers in the papers who late last week got off the fence and plumped for OUT. Back to ‘normal’, they think …

We cannot and must not let that happen.

Sorry, all you activists – keep your boots polished, your pens and PC keyboards ready: your work isn’t done yet.

Victory on June 23rd was indeed only the “End of the Beginning”, to paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill.

If we want our country back there are more battles ahead.

We cannot let this victory become nul and void, cannot allow the traitors in Parliament, the establishment and the media do their utmost to scupper it.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. That’s the price we now must pay, to take our country back from those who will betray us yet again.

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