Ten good, patriotic, fighting UKIP stalwarts put their hands in their pockets to fund another poster truck on Monday 23rd July, aimed squarely at Ken Clarke’s and Anna Soubry’s constituents in Nottingham. Philip James, Chairman of Gedling branch, manned the truck in the morning and in the afternoon Fran Loi took over. He directed the poster truck onto busy junctions, high streets and outside council offices.

We tipped off the local media and BBC East Midlands invited Fran into the studios, to make UKIP’s case for Brexit and answer our accusation of BBC bias. Fran said:

‘It went well, they grilled me about our poster saying the BBC’s in bed with Brussels. The interviewer said ‘that’s a lie, we’re regulated to be impartial’. Clearly they have a sense of humour! But I said what I wanted to say, that Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire overwhelmingly voted to leave well above the national trend. Categorically it is a leave county – one of the presenters grimaced when I said that, more bias! I gave a positive view of UKIP being the guardians of this country’s sovereignty and democracy and this poster van was a public reminder to the remain voting MPs and the leave voting public that UKIP are here to ensure we get what they voted for. The response we received was fantastic!’

“BBC Report”

We have run this poster truck on a few occasions now, it was particularly effective in London on the weekend celebrating 2 years since the referendum, see HERE. It has also been run at no cost to UKIP HQ; it’s funded by grassroots Kippers. We’ve had donations from many people who love to see UKIP doing something punchy and pro-active. Donations have ranged from £10 to £1000. If you’d like to contribute, please drop me a line here: june23rd2016@gmail.com




I’ve repeatedly talked about the importance of an end-of-week update/newsletter, we’re getting some now but they need to be regular, every week.

We all get important and interesting things in our inboxes from from individual, grass roots Kippers and others working from home, far more than from anyone official in UKIP. Last week someone sent out the statement from the Government about the 170,000 signature ‘referendum on abolishing the House of Lords’ being rejected. There is more than enough news for a weekly newsletter.


Last week a most important video on the staggering evils of the EU was published by ‘Black Pigeon’. We need to get this out fast before it’s taken down by acolytes of the EU. Black Pigeon has 365,000 subscribers to his stunning video channel. (Note: UKIP has 11,000 subscribers to its dismal channel). In a matter of days, this video has had 120,000 hits.

THE VIDEO BRITAIN NEEDS TO SEE: Dysfunctional & Disunited: The Coming CRASH of the EU

Now we cannot possibly make powerful videos like this. UKIP videos have always been amateurish so it is madness not to grab this gift. I alerted everyone from Gerard down…but so far I’ve seen nothing other than Margot Parker on the front of our national website, wittering on about a tax reduction on India’s sanitary products! Is this some sort of joke? More of the same old ‘unseen hand’ sabotage? Who is choosing what goes on our front page? 

See HERE, I’m not making this up.

Talking of video… the Brexit and Tommy protests recently were quite poorly filmed. We need to learn that ‘the medium is the message’ and that hand-held filming with bad sound destroys the important message. Surely we can find people in UKIP to do good filming and editing, so that we have our own videos?


Britain is screaming out for a professional, competent party on the right, for Brexit, for law and Order, for border security and more. We could be that party, easily, but we need to function like a national party, not a local party. That means good spokesmen in key positions so that we look like a party in waiting, not a one man band. We need an Economics Spokesman now. We need a Spokesman on Immigration now. We need a Spokesman on Law and Order now. We need  Spokesmen on the NHS, Education, Transport, Foreign Aid etc etc now, not in three months time. I’ve said all this before too HERE and everyone agrees, so why isn’t it happening?


We have more poster truck days booked soon, I won’t say where, we don’t like to tell the enemy we’re coming but if you would like details or would like to contribute to this unique PR effort, here’s my email address again: june23rd2016@gmail.com



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