I was having breakfast at a hotel near a beach in Thailand. Looking around the room, I noticed a tourist having breakfast with what we’d call a prostitute, he looked besotted. He wasn’t the best looking of men, short and fat, he reminded me of that character in Star Wars: Jabba the Hutt. The beautiful woman that he was with, I could tell by her body language and the look in her eyes, was utterly repulsed. It is hard to imagine what it must be like for a woman that has to go through this, every day of her life as it’s her only opportunity to make a living.

In those days, I often stayed in Thailand as for about seven years I had a Thai partner, a lovely woman, but in the end she tired of my nomadic ways and would wait no longer. I do worry a lot about her to this day, Thai women all too easily fall into destitution: deserted by husbands, unemployment, many things, and there is no safety net.

I couldn’t bear to stay too long in Thailand at a time. After a few weeks, I found I became only too aware of the dark underbelly of the country. One particular situation, was that of a fleshpot (my partner told me what was happening) where young girls suffering from full blown AIDS were being dosed on strong cold and flu remedies, Codeine, Panadeine Forte etc: to keep them working until they dropped. The evil pimps responsible for this didn’t care about who else was infected or for the girls who were dumped on the street when they could work no longer: such inhumanity is unbelievable to most of us in the West. In Thailand there are very harsh penalties for abuse and rape, unfortunately the problem is too big to be controlled, but these harsh sentences are handed out. Unfortunately, this situation isn’t unique to Thailand, it includes much of the Third and developing world.

I’m telling this story, because I want you to realise that our country, Great Britain, was a very rare place in the world, far from perfect, but a paradise compared to much of the world. Our country was the result of hundreds of years of conflict, toil, innovation and academic excellence. We give it away at our peril.

Look at what is happening to our lovely country now! After decades of being dominated by the European Union, we’re being invaded by the Third World. If we so much as look at any of these newcomers in the wrong way we can be sent to Jail. Meanwhile, these people are allowed to rape our children, brutally gang rape women and commit acts of violence against us. These “immigrants” just get a slap on the wrist (if that) when they’re caught, the government and media try to cover up what is happening and so by default are condoning this vicious assault on the people they were elected to represent and protect. Our politicians have revealed themselves as the besotted acolytes of the European Union that they are, little better than the evil and depraved pimps in Thailand that show such contempt for humanity.

It is frightening how we’ve let the Liberal Left or Globalists (call them what you will) permeate our government, media, entertainment industry, legal system and judiciary. These people no longer represent us and should be regarded as the enemy, a point illustrated by the very recent court ruling to stop the government from invoking Article 50 without consulting Parliament.  

We’ve now seen the true ruthless face of the enemy, an enemy that doesn’t care in the least about the suffering of the native people of Britain. In fact they show their total contempt, as long as they can ride on the globalist gravy train. Democracy has been something of an illusion in our country for many decades now and now we stand to lose is altogether. Within months now, one of the oldest democracies in the world could be extinguished forever.

It is tragic when you consider how far our country has fallen, sold out by generations of corrupt, self-interested politicians who, rather than serve us, want us to serve them. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to fall.

When you consider the future of our children and our country, remember the true face of much of the Third World and the fate of millions of women in Thailand. Is this the fate you want for your children? Children that will grow up in an overpopulated country, earning pittance wages, where the best paid job in town is the sale of their body? An inhumane world and The Powers That Be have already shown that they don’t care.

If you care about the future of our children and our beautiful, once civilised country, then we need to show The Powers That Be, that their attempt to use the legal system to block Brexit was a step much too far.

Photo by malachybrowne

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