Secret negotiations are being carried out between the European Union and the U.S. which will have a huge impact on the UK. These negotiations are known as TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). The result will be catastrophic for the UK. Almost any policy decision by our government will be open to legal challenges in court by big business, or indeed, any other government. These challenges would delay any legislation or policy being introduced by the UK government that may hinder, or disrupt, any US businesses from carrying out their trade.

Do you want to eat GM foods produced in the US and forced on the British public? That could be a real threat if this trade agreement is pushed through. Under this trade agreement, our government would not be able to stop American companies from marketing and selling these GM foods in our country. Say the UK wanted to pass legislation for all packs of new cigarettes to have no advertising in plain packs. This could be challenged in court as it may harm the corporate interests of the American tobacco companies. Our government could find themselves fighting numerous court cases at the same time and the only winners would be the corporate lawyers.

This is expansion of the European Union on a global scale! The European Union started with a trade deal and look what we have now. A dysfunctional family of countries where legislation passed by Brussels effects everyone in our country and mostly in a negative way. Brussels cannot be trusted to negotiate a good deal for the UK. They are only interested in furthering their own aims of expansionism. The net result of the sanctions against Russia is that Europe has to find another main trade partner to replace Russia and so they look across the Atlantic to America. The problem is, Europe is negotiating with America from a poor starting position. America is fully aware that Europe has applied sanctions to Russia and cancelled contracts. So Europe is starting from a weak position. The result of this trade agreement will therefore favour the Americans and not Europe and certainly not the UK. I am all for trade agreements with America. But let the UK negotiate for the UK.

TTIP would open the door to private US company involvement in the NHS. Louise Bours gave a stirring speech aginst TTIP at UKIP’s conference in Doncaster, stating that “our NHS should be more than an article in a trade agreement between the EU and the United States of America”. She also revealed that she had received a letter from Len McCluskey and that UKIP and Unison would work together to stop TTIP.

Let us get out of the European Union as soon as possible. But right now we UKIP and the British public need to fight this trade deal before it is too late!


This is an updated version of an article that originally appeared on UKIP Daily on 7th September 2014.

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